What's The Point Of WW?


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What is your in-game name?
➥ Kaosuu

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➥ScootScoot McDootDoot#8585

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What is the complaint?
➥ What is the point of WW if you can't get stronger because Alphas refuse to fight? I'd assume that the plugin was made to give incentive to grow stronger, but it's very clear that isn't the case. Alphas can now refuse a fight, it's no longer mandatory as it used to be, and tracking them is clearly not an option either as shown with the case of Gorksmash v. Zervit. Camping Alpha by refusing challenges and not leaving your impenetrable base completely negates the purpose of the plugin. This should be looked into and made right for the New Heaven community.


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We had this issue before, they tried to fix it and it didn't work just caused chaos so I doubt they'll do anything this time. If you wanna get alpha so bad wait till the alpha leaves their base or get a hunter to track them for you or sum.