Werewolf Eating Changes


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➥ Changing the way Werewolves eat

In mythology, a werewolf "wolfman" is a human with the ability to shapeshift into a wolf creature. Many cultures have different stories of werewolves but the most common is about a "curse" that is passed to a human in the form of a wolf bite. On the server, there are three categories of wolves and they all behave a different way. One of the problems I've noticed is the way werewolves eat.

When transformed their hunger bar goes down- implying that the animalistic urges werewolves are known to get is taking over and they need to consume meat. I did some research and found out that werewolves can fill these "urges" by just killing animals, not eating. The pleasure of hunting an animal can fill the primal urges they get. I feel this should be implemented into the game, when in wolf form- a werewolf can kill an animal and fill their hunger bar. Another suggestion would be removing the hunger effect that raw meat gives you.

Going back into the human side, I believe they should be able to eat all human foods if they aren't transformed. A werewolf is mostly a human, and even though they might prefer meat I think they should be able to eat human food as well (If they aren't transformed) wouldnt you get suspicious if your neighbor bought a shopping cart full of just raw meat? The way it's set up now is very unbalanced considering hunters can eat all foods, and vampires have many different ways of obtaining blood, but werewolves are only able to consume meat- transformed or not? Adding these changes would make the races much more balance in terms of pvp and common activity.
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I like the idea of getting food by punching animals but I disagree with ww's being able to get to eat human food when they are in human form.
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I mean yeah it is kinda dumb.
In human form they should at least get food from chorus fruit tho as that isn't necessarily 'human' food.