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Welcome Back To Eden


Welcome Back To Eden


Old players remember when we first unveiled the dimension but it was shut down after the world generator broke after 1.13.2 came out. We're announcing that we've finally managed to get the generator working and Eden is fully functional once again! However, we have some new content and a new roadmap for how we're going to release Eden content from here out. We hope you enjoy the return of Eden and for newer players, be prepared to bring you toughest armor and weapons. Eden is genuinely a difficult dimension.

In order to access to the Eden dimension, you need to have earned your way to become a Monarch or higher. Once you obtain it, you can RTP into Eden via the Captain NPC or by typing /rtp.

The Eden dimension is the same as before, except there are new cave structures and the developer of the plugin has adjusted ore spawn rates. The terrain is more rounded out and aims to look realistic. Trees are all custom spawned with different looks per biome. Digging around in the ground is still a decent way for mining ores. Currently, there is no claiming in Eden because the lore describes this place in ruins so expect players and Warlocks to grief terrain. Be prepared for it.

The spawn rates for mobs are now less than before to keep players from being overswarmed. The original Eden had this issue along with mobs just having a bad AI. Right now as they stand they can swarm you when you aren't paying attention or not killing the mobs at a fast enough pace.

The mobs that currently spawn at night:
  • Ghouls (Common ghost with an iron scythe.)
  • Wraiths (Uncommon ghost with either an iron sword or iron axe.)
  • Phantoms (Common ghost with a bow.)
  • Plagues (Uncommon ghost with a shield. This can give you Withering III for a few seconds.)
  • Warlocks (Rare ghost with a magic wand. This can shoot fireballs and grief land. BEWARE.)
Currently, there is a new rarity system with all of the obtainable Eden items. It goes from Common to Uncommon to Rare to Limited. (Common being the lowest and Limited being the highest.) You are very likely to get Common items most often than Rare items. These drop from the mobs you kill in Eden and help a lot in killing ghost mobs. These items are not designed for PVP and can't be altered in anvils. More items will be released later on.

The items currently obtainable right now:
  • Swords (Unbreaking: III-VI, Smite: V-X, Sweeping Edge: I-III)
  • Axes (Unbreaking: III-VI, Smite: V-X, Knockback: II-III)
  • Scythes/Hoes (Damage: +7, Unbreaking III-VI, Smite: V-X)
  • Shields (Unbreaking: III-VI)

Currently, none of the bosses are available to fight due to us wanting to build an adventure map to thoroughly play out the backstory of Eden. We have a build currently in progress where players will traverse then fight bosses in order to earn even rarer items. More information on them will be released as we get close to it.

Our roadmap for the future of Eden is to release the new bosses one at a time and have them require friends in order to beat them. It should promote cooperation with fellow community members and gives us time to perfect our content. Once all four bosses are released, we will work on a final raid boss for this dimension that once beaten will give a server-wide reward. And finally, once Eden is essentially complete, we will work on a new dimension with new mobs and such.
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