Vinpin21's Staff Application

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New member
User name: Vinpin21

What is your in-game name?
➥ Vinpin21

Have you changed your name in the past? If you have, please list them all.
➥ Nevar

Does anyone else have access to your Minecraft account?
➥ No

What is your real name?
➥ Vincent "Vinpin" Gamer God

How old are you?
➥ 19

What country are you currently living in and what time zone?
➥ Murica

What languages can you speak?
➥ American

Are you able to join our Discord server with a working microphone?
➥ No

Have you been our Discord server? If yes, what username do you go by on the New Heaven Discord?
➥ Yeah I used to be on the discord server.

Do you spend time on our Discord server in the voice channels talking with people?
➥ No

Have your worked with servers in the past? If so, what kind of position did you have? List the most recent ones.
➥ Yeah I used to work on this server called New-Heaven I was the Meanager

How long have you been staff on the servers you listed above?
➥ idk a few years like 2-3 but I quit after a while and got fired a few times I think idk was a long ago

A player is upset after being ambushed and demands their items back. How do you respond?
➥ I go give them the items from my stash cause im Santa and santa gives stuff to people to make them happy :D

You are being insulted after a player did not receive the kind of answer they were looking for. What do you say?
➥ That Santa is sorry they feel that way and he will shower them in gifts to make them happy

A new player joins and seems a bit quiet. What do you do?
➥ ban them no one is quiet and isnt cheating I would know I used to be a meanager on this server called newbheaven

Several players are accusing the same person of hacking in the chat. How do you handle the situation?
➥ tell them "Rules #8 of /rules says no hackusations are allowed to take place, if you continue with this behavior you will be muted as this hinders the staffs abilities to investigate on them". xD
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