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Vanilla Reopened For 1.14


Vanilla Reopened For 1.14

I'm pleased to announce we've reopened the Vanilla server with our old data for 1.14! This means it's the full game with everything on 1.14 including pillagers and crossbows. It took me a little bit to get the full server version to properly connect but here it is. There are some caveats though.

We had to remove GriefPrevention from the Vanilla server due to it not properly working on 1.14 yet. We also felt that Vanilla should have the original Minecraft feel like in single player so it's something we were thinking about back when Vanilla was open last year. We recommend you be careful who you let near your stuff because even CoreProtect doesn't work so there will be no way to rollback grief.

We also need players to try to travel far and load in new chunks to ensure that chunks won't corrupt so we can evaluate Survival's eventual update. Flying with an elytra or riding a horse should help travel so leave a comment on here if you find corrupted chunks. If you guys don't mind the lack of protections, this should help fix the 1.14 crave and still play with friends. :) If you guys have any suggestions also leave them below.