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Vampire Modifications


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Currently the vampire plugin is not as balanced along side the other races on the server. Right now, the average play time is cut due to the factor that they die in the sunlight and I have a few modifications that may be able to make the vampire race more popular again.

Still being half-human I feel as though the Sanguine vampires should represent that and how they are affected, along with their buffs should be changed.
Sunlight- They should no longer burn in the sun, but experience debuffs such as weakness and nausea I. As noted in the wiki, they aren't fully dead so they should regain the humanistic quality of not burning in the light. This would make the sanguine more popular, and a better choice for people who want to play a vampire, but still keep some game time.
Buffs- Since they are only half vampire, and they would no longer burn in the sunlight they shouldn't get as strong of perks as the undead class. Or, they only get their buffs at night, until they reach a higher level of vampire age.
Food- They should be able to drink blood, and normal food. However, normal food wouldn't satisfy them as much.

Sunlight- It can stay the same, as long as other parts of this class get buffed.
Buff- Since these vampires are weaker in the sunlight, their buffs should be altered. They should be immune to wither and poison, as they are already dead creatures of the night. It doesn't make sense that they can take necrotic damage as dead creatures.

Both races keep the mob truce, among their other previous perks.
Buffs- As it stands, vampires are much weaker when to comes to PvP against hunters or WWs. They are able to get easily killed, and the WW race is much stronger than the vampires. They should get a better strength buff, in order to balance the races.

The bottles should be able to stack like honey bottles.
The ratio of heart regen to hunger loss should be changed. Too much hunger is lost on regening a few hearts of damage.

If anyone else has anything they would like me to add just let me know :)