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The Best Custom Enchantment Plugin for Survival


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➥The goal of adding custom enchantments to survival is to enhance the pvp experience, while not getting completely crazy. So I went a found a good plugin that does just that. Small buffs that do help a lot without completely taking over pvp. That plugin would be Enchantment Solution. It has decent enchantments while not completely determining the meta. However, there are a few enchantments that are too over the top, so I will list the enchantments that would be best removed.
Detonator- Makes arrows explode. This would probably cause problems similar to being able to damage players in non-combat zones.
Frequent Flyer- Gives creative flight to elytras. This one speaks for itself. Creative flight is a bit op.
Gung Ho- Halves HP but triples attack damage. This enchantment will be too meta. If you don't use it, you won't win. Triple DMG is too op.
Knock Up- Knocks your enemies in the air. This enchantment would be way too annoying and every battle is being knocked up and down.
Overkill- Shoots arrows in inventory from bow on left click. This one is just stupid. This removes any challenge from using bows and turns every battle into a bow machine gun contest.
Soulbound- We already have a soulbound, and it shouldn't be able to apply to other items.
Soul Reaper - Has a large chance for killed player to drop Soulbound items. Same reason as above.
Void Walker- Spawns obsidian in air blocks to help players cross the void. This would just cause so many problems.
Warp- It can be used to get into claimed bases.
Curse of Contagion- This will ruin every piece of gear in your inventory if you happen to get it.
All the other enchantments are balanced and good to add for survival! Here is the plugin link:
Thanks for reading!
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