Survival Demo for 1.14.4!


Survival Demo for 1.14.4!

I'm pleased to announce the opening for Survival 1.14.3 (Public Test Server). Right now only players with the Alpha rank and higher have early access to this server while it is being fully tested and prepared for a full release. We consider this an alpha release of the server and is separate from the main Survival server. If you have a donor rank and aren't able to connect, let an Admin know. Please remember this is intended to find bugs and there will be a lot of changes and a LOT more sudden reboots when trying to fix bugs. I cannot stress this enough: don't get upset if your progress in the demo server isn't saved or gets corrupted. Please report every bug you find and do not get upset if features are broken.

We are previewing an enormous new spawn-town, named Athens (to give a Greek theme.) It has about 35 shops of all sizes: stalls, buildings, and shacks. With this update, we have the brand new Vampire/Werewolf plugin custom coded for New Heaven! It took us over a month and a half to get the working version up as it has a TON of features to be implemented. Currently, the system for alpha werewolves, elder vampires, and elite hunters are not in place and will be delayed until after the full release of the server.


There are a ton of things to list and there will be new guides to post, but for now, let's get down to explaining a few of the patch notes in this update:

  • Shops can only be rented ahead of time for up to 2 weeks. This prevents people from pre-renting for an entire year and becoming inactive.
  • The Overworld will have a small world border until it's evident more space is needed. Currently, the demo server has it set to 10K in all directions.
  • Donors can now use /rtp to randomly teleport to the Overworld. Free players must travel to the pier and speak to the Captain to travel.
  • mcMMO announcements concerning leveling up are now done on action bars and title bars.
  • Vampires now have two types: Sanguine (which can toggle Blood Lust) and Undead (which can become a bat.)
  • Blood Lust increases your damage output to plus 50%.
  • Blood now comes in red or black. Red blood gives vampires food points but black blood will hurt all races.
  • Blood bottles no longer use units and give the same amount of food points each time.
  • Blood from mobs and players are based on how much damage you deal instead of a static number. (Blood Lust stacks with this.)
  • Bat Form will make your stats equal to a bat, so you are susceptible to being one-shot without being able to fight back.
  • Vampires get older as time passes and unlock more abilities. If they die, the age is reset along with the perks.
  • Werewolf stats are based on your current level. A level 200 will deal more damage than a level 20.
  • Werewolf levels now slowly raise overtime under the moonlight instead of instantly getting a whole level.
  • Witherfang werewolves now have Haste III as a potion trait.
  • Humans can choose between being a vampire hunter or a werewolf hunter; only vampire hunters can wield wooden stakes, and only werewolf hunters can wield silver swords.
  • Humans have an honor system now. They gain points by killing non-humans but lose points if they die to them. They also lose points for killing fellow humans.
  • Washed armor prevents infection while purified armor negates bonus damage as well as negate infection. They require honor to equip.
  • Trackers have been removed from the game.
  • There are 2 new enchants: Blessing IV (bonus damage against vampires) and Purity IV (bonus damage against werewolves.)
  • Enchanting Blessing is done by doing a ritual at the light altar with a wooden stake.
  • Enchanting Purity is done by smelting silver swords if they don't become ash.
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