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Survival 1.14.4 Official Release


Survival 1.14.4 Official Release!
After a long night of last-minute checks, fixes, and changes, I'm proud to announce that Survival 1.14.4 is officially open. Please refer to the previous post for information on how to leave spawn and some important notes: ( ).

We are going to start out with a 100K block world border in all directions. We ask that everyone doesn't mindlessly generate new chunks. If you're gonna travel, then do it with a purpose. Don't just fly your elytra border to border for no reason. Right now it's a bit of an issue but when we are confirmed that any of the old data is no longer needed, we will have more space.

Make sure to go to the Library and speak to the Guard NPC at the Town Square in spawn if you need help understanding the game or need help leaving spawn!

As per donations go, the management team and I have not yet finished deliberating on what to do next of previous donations. It's immediately known ranks never reset, but we are not entirely sure of what to do with consumable donations that were used up already. Giving another round of them when the donor has already gotten the full use and experience from it seems unfair to free-to-play players. So I am leaning toward not reimbursing consumables and items before the month of August as the people that bought these things in August would be impacted the most, especially when they bought something only for it to be wiped the next week and not receive the full benefits of their donation. If you would like to claim this or have an issue with your donation, contact me (RFSMassacre, also known as 💗SaintRené💗) on Discord, and we can work things out.

We also introduced a new thing called Global Racial Boosters. They essentially give every one of a specific race online a boost in their level progression. They are sold in packs for a specific race for $5 on the donation. Click here to check them out here.

I hope you guys enjoy this update. We put a lot of time and work, especially me since I coded the entire main plugin from scratch (again!).
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