Sergeant_Sausage's Appeal

User name: Sergeant_Sausage

What is your in-game name?
➥ Sergeant_Sausage

What type of punishment have your faced?
➥ Minecraft Temp Ban

When did this punishment happen?
➥ Jun 10, 2019

Who punished you?
➥ FrOstEd_AnGel

Why should we lift your punishment?
➥ i got banned because my friends were buidling a concentration camp. at the time i had no clue, i helped them but only by refining their doors and the tank up front. i never actually took part in building the "shower rooms" and the "dorm rooms". i was on my own plot building a redstone contraptions which btw wasnt an afk machine/lag machine. it was rock paper scissors using very NON-complex redstone circuits. so i believe that this ban given to me (7 days) is unjust!