Accepted seanrobertson's Appeal

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User name: seanrobertson

What is your in-game name?
➥ seanrobertson

What type of punishment have your faced?
➥ Minecraft Perm Ban

When did this punishment happen?
➥2019 07 28

Who punished you?
➥ _Zelus_

Why should we lift your punishment?
➥ I know I dont deserve an unban but I just want to play again. I been unbanned to many times but I just need one more time one more chance. I would love to play a bit on this server again, it would be a really great time. I am very sorry of my actions and will try my very best not to repeat my mistakes I think I'm mature enough not to anyways. I hope you can forgive me and maybe temp ban or unban me I just miss the server and want to be a true player.
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Your ban has been changed to a temp ban until October 28th at the time of posting this to complete a full 3 month ban. This will be your last chance, make sure you read ALL the rules before playing.
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