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Guide Ranking Up In Creative

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Ranking Up In Creative
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As ranking up in creative can be quite confusing, and more and more people are now wanting to rank-up, here is a guide to help.

In creative your rank is determined by your 'skill' at building. As such, it means that you need to build stuff and submit it in order to rank-up.
Once your build meets the requirements that are listed below, you can post your application for a rank-up either on the forums or on discord in the #builds channel. Remember to use the format that we provide, as it gives us all the information we need straight away. Keep in mind that you can not skip ranks.
After your application has been posted, an Admin or higher will review it when they are available. Please do not harass staff in an effort to get your build looked at faster.

You cannot use the exact same build to rank up multiple times. However, if you change it so that it is noticeably different, and so it matches the next set of requirements, it may be acceptable (no guarantees though).

Creative Rankup Requirements

Size = Refers to the dimensions of the actual build. It cannot be smaller, but it may be larger than the required size.
Detail = The level of detail that needs to be included. It is measured on a scale from Very Little (we don't expect to see much) to Very High (we expect to see a lot of detail).
Terrain = The amount of terrain that needs to be included. In other words, you can't just build a flat design for each rank and expect to be ranked up. It is measured on a scale from None Needed (can be on perfectly flat ground) to High (we expect to see effort put into making the terrain look nice and suit the scene).


Size: 35x35 minimum
Detail: Very Little
Terrain: None Needed


Size: 50x50 minimum
Detail: Little
Terrain: Very Little


Size: 75x75 minimum
Detail: Moderate
Terrain: Little
Size: 101x101
Detail: High
Terrain: Moderate
Size: 101x101
Detail: Very High
Terrain: High

Format For Applications

Current rank:
Rank applying for:
Plot Coords:
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