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Race Balancing


As many people seem to mention, the races seem to be unbalanced, specifically humans and werewolves not being powerful enough to face a well equipped and skilled vampire. Right now vampires have faced paced regeneration, while other races have similar traits and not similar traits. Today I will discuss possible buffs for each race that needs it.
I talked with numerous people about werewolves, and it’s that their power is based on a timer. A vampire can contend with a werewolf during their form, but once their form fades, the vampire is in for an easy win. Here are a few buffs that could remedy this issue.
  1. Converting Hybrid talent into an intrinsic perk. Werewolves need at least some leverage in human form, and this is a decent way to achieve this.
  2. Replace the old Hybrid perk with an extension to the werewolf, 3 extra minutes would be the most balanced.
  3. Giving werewolves a decent but not too op base damage boost during form, like legacy but staying the same throughout all the types of werewolf. A 20% damage buff would be optimal.
  4. In general give werewolves more transformation time as they level up, 5 minutes is not going to cut it in a real battle.
Another very underpowered race is humans. They are relatively no match for the supernatural and the hunting aspect is also “garbage” said by many players. So I will list a few possible suggestions to make humans more compatible in New Heaven.
  1. Buff the hunter exclusive items. Humans usually partake in hunting a single race, as designed for them. Right now, the race killing items are complete poop. Wooden stake doesn’t have enough damage at all to incentivize using it over a strong netherite weapon. Also add the possibility of weakening the other race, like holy water on vampires.
  2. Change the monster hunter perk to 15% rather than 20%, but make it also work on the supernatural. That will make them a threat against them so that their abilities will be necessary to combat it.
  3. Humans don’t necessarily need extra healing, if they know how to properly utilize food and golden apples they should be fine. A decent suggestion may be that since humans will heavily rely on totems, maybe change the resurrection talent’s instant +5 health to an initial 10 seconds of regeneration 3, and after that is used up it switches back to the 40 seconds of regeneration 2.
I will not be discussing merfolk as it’s to my understanding that you already have plans and suggestions for them.

That’s it for now on my suggestion for race buffs. I hope they get heard out and ultimately implemented for a more equitable and effective pvp experience. Thanks for reading!
(I would accept and appreciate any comments, new suggestions, or constructive criticism in the replies!)
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I’ll be looking through this and the code when I get some time this week. Seems very well thought out.