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problem with a punishment


New member
hello this is endovearth honestly not sure if im doing this in the tight spot but i was muted for saying the word bong got no warning i said i left my bong outside and it froze next thing i knew i was muted because it was not mature content meanwhile you guys have the booze plugin encouraging players to drink aswell as encouraging minors to drink but then i get muted over the word bong i did not even involve any words related to drugs like hey im smoking a fat joint i said my bong froze and honestly a bong is not fully drugs related you guys dont know if i was smoke weed or tabaco or a few other things it just does not seem fair for me to be muted over the word bong with no warning that i was not aloud to say that word i genuinely thought it would be okay to say this word because everyone walk around talking about being drunk and selling beer like im just saying you guys dont even know if i was talking about weed or tabaco hey maybe i dont even smoke and i have a bong that i keep flowers a bong is legit just a glass device anyways all im saying is i should not be muted over the word bong when other people are by passing the swear filter and doing much worse this server has alot of inconstant punishments like it was a 3h mute im not even mad over the mute im mad at what word i got muted over and the fact that you guys allow much worse on the server is ridiculous i have screen shots of people by passing the swear filter and many inconsistent punishments and now that im apart of it im saying something and iv even had other people agree over the inconsistent punishments and screen shots of them agreeing with me and yes i used 0 punctuation btw chrihansen is the one behind the mute he did not even warn me just a mute out of no where


New member
like i never even see this staff member online he seems inactive and he comes online outta no where seen me say bong mutes me and leaves 30 mins later no where to be seen for 2 days


New member
oh and now to add to this someone not giving names was talking about drugs and the same staff member who muted me for saying bong did not mute the other player then 10 mins later i get muted for caps i honestly feel targeted at this point


Hello Endo,

I have moved your thread to the Complaints section.

Now to reply on the fact you never received a warning, you did, 28 days ago. Drug references, sexual content etc. now fall under one section, mature content, which is rule 2. If you feel like Mitch(ChrissHansen) is abusing his powers, get proof and make a report about it. If a word can be sexual, or be a drug reference, it is up to the staff to decide whether or not it is such a reference.

About the fact you feel targeted, you're not. From experience, I can tell we could miss somethings, just by having a crowded chat, a quick afk or if we are distracted with something else necessary, so if you see something like that happen, make a screenshot or a recording and report the rulebreaker so they can get punished.

I hope this clears a lot for you, if you have more questions, feel free to ask.

Kind regards,