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Guide [OUTDATED] Guide to Brewery


Guide to Brewery

Brewery brings a whole range of drinks to the server, both alcoholic and not. Become a master of brewing as you refine the quality of your drinks until they are perfect.

Precision and accuracy are required with the recipes, as there are three different quality variations of each drink. One may make you sick, one is just normal, and the last is the best one with the possibility of some of them providing positive special effects*.

Getting Drunk
With the wide variety of drinks comes the ability to get drunk! The alcohol content in drinks varies from non-existent, to near blackout levels.

While drunk you will stagger around, unable to control your own movement. Your speech will slur, making it near impossible for others to understand you (avoid using global chat while drunk as it will be considered spam). Getting very drunk will also cause you to throw up.

Given enough time, you will become sober again, but depending on how much you had to drink, it could take quite a while. To speed up the process, you can eat bread and/or drink milk. It will, however, take more than a few to be effective.
Death is also an option to lower your drunkenness, but it's not very effective.

*We ask that everyone keeps all drunk chat in either the server or local channels. You can access these using /s and /l and you can use /g to return to global once you are sober. Due to the fact that the plugin warps your text to be almost unreadable, it is considered spam if you are typing in global, as it is unfair to fill up the chat for people in creative or kitpvp.
If people can not respect this, then I will remove the drunk chat altogether.

Process of Brewing
Learn the craft of brewing through fermenting, distilling and barrel aging.
Unlike vanilla brewing procedures, these drinks may be time-consuming and require a lot of patience. However, not all steps are required for all drinks. If it's not listed in the recipe, it's not needed.

Fermenting is the first step in every recipe. For some drinks, it is also the only step.

To start, place a cauldron over a heat source and fill it with water. When placing the cauldron, keep in mind that you need to be able to access the side of it, otherwise you can not add ingredients.
Some examples of a heat source:
Once the cauldron has water and a heat source, add the ingredients by holding them and right-clicking the side of the cauldron. Make sure that you always right-click the side of the cauldron when adding ingredients, otherwise it won't work.
Wait for the ingredients to ferment. You can check how long they have been cooking by right-clicking the cauldron with a clock*.
Once it has reached the desired time, use glass bottles to remove the mixture.

Distilling is not required for every drink and some drinks may require you to distill them multiple times.

Put the bottle of fermented ingredients into a brewing stand and use some glowstone dust in the top section of the stand as a “filter”.
Once the filter and the bottles with the fermented ingredients are in the stand, simply wait for it to distill.
Make sure you keep an eye on it, as it will keep distilling until you remove the bottles.

To age drinks, you need a barrel to put the drinks in. Some recipes require the barrel to be a certain type of wood.
There are 3 different options when making a barrel, with each of them having a different capacity.

Regular Minecraft barrel:
Will always count as an Oak barrel which means it can’t be used for all drinks.

Small Barrel:
Created by placing 8 wooden stairs with a sign.
The sign must be on the lower right side, and you must write “Barrel” on the first line.
If you have made it correctly, it will tell you in chat: [Brewery] Barrel created.
A small barrel can be opened by right-clicking anywhere on it.

Large Barrel:
A large barrel is created using a total of 5 fence posts, 16 wooden stairs, and 18 wooden planks.
You must put a sign on it and “Barrel” on the first line. The sign can be removed afterward if you wish.
A large barrel can be opened by right-clicking anywhere on it.

*The positive special effects will only apply on certain drinks that are to be implemented in the future.
*Right-clicking a cauldron with a clock will not put it in as it is not considered an ingredient.
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