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Guide Optifine Guide

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OptiFine Guide
This guide will teach you how to install OptiFine

Note: This steps following this guide only allow you to install OptiFine with no other mods. This guide will be shown in 1.13, but so far the process is the same for other versions.

1. Close out all other Minecraft windows.

2. Go to the official Minecraft OptiFine webpage to ensure you don't download a virus (

3. Click download to the right of the top OptiFine link under the "OptiFine HD Ultra" heading. Wait 5 seconds, then click SKIP AD in the top-right corner of the screen, then click download.

4. Locate your downloads folder and file the file that starts with "OptiFine_1.13.2_HD". Double click that file and you should get a picture looking something like the one below. If a window appears asking "Do you want to allow this app to make changes to your device?" please select yes.


5. Select the install button and proceed to complete the installation. Note that the folder name will be different for everyone, so it's okay if yours does not match mine exactly. Once you have completed all the steps a window should appear stating that OptiFine was successfully installed.

6. Open your Minecraft launcher but DO NOT PRESS PLAY YET. Select the arrow besides the play button and a list of versions should appear. Click the one beginning with "1.13.2 - Optifine_HD_U".

If you do not see an option for the optifine profile, select launch options and locate the option that says add new profile. Give it a name like "1.13.2 Optifine" and then click the arrow in the versions row. Locate the version that starts with "release 1.13.2 - Optifine_HD_U". Do not change any other settings, and click save. Follow the steps above to select the OptiFine profile.

Your Minecraft launcher should now look something like this.


7. Select the play button. Once your game loads, go into your settings, and in the controls section, find the control that says Zoom. Downloading OptiFine gives you an extra keybind of zooming in your screen to focus on things far away. Pressing the keybind will allow you to zoom in your screen. Choose a keybind for your zoom that makes you comfortable, and enjoy!
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