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NH Minecraft Rules Explained

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Minecraft Rules Explained

Playing on New Heaven will be considered your acceptance of these rules. We will not accept the excuse that you were unaware of the rules, as they are available here and in-game.
Make sure you check the rules regularly as we may make changes at any point.
If you believe that you have been unfairly punished, you can make an appeal in the appropriate section on the forums.
Constantly breaking the rules will result in your removal from the community.
Disclaimer: The punishments listed here may not be the actual punishment you receive, as some punishments depend on player history, and what else is happening at the time.

Do not disrespect, harass, or cause drama to others for any reason.
Negatively provoking others in order to get a response is considered to be starting drama.
Threatening others, insulting others, preventing them from playing, bringing real-life issues onto the server, etc. These are some of the things that are included in this rule.
This includes, but is not limited to, using text, signs, books, nicknames, pet names or item names.
Punishment: temp mute/ban

No discrimination of any kind.
Do not insult, humiliate or embarrass anyone because of their race, age, gender or sexual orientation.
This includes, but is not limited to, using text, signs, books, nicknames, pet names or item names
Punishment: temp mute

No roasting or jokes that embarrass, humiliate or insult others.
While jokes may seem funny to some, if they are made for the sole purpose of embarrassing, humiliating or insulting another person and entertaining a select few, then they are unacceptable.
Needing to claim that “it was a joke” means that others did not find it funny and that the ‘joke’ should not have been made.
Try to avoid roasting others, and don't do it if your intention is to cause harm or insult them.
Punishment: temp mute

Do not disrespect staff.
Staff are people too and deserve respect as much as anyone else.
Impersonating staff counts as disrespect.
Punishment: temp mute

Do not ignore staff.
Do not deliberately ignore staff. We are trying to do our jobs and you make it harder when you choose not to listen. Unless you are afk, we expect you to listen when we tell you to do something, or when we are trying to talk to you.
Ignoring us causes issues and/or prevents us from solving issues.
Punishment: temp mute

Do not interfere with staff business or punishments.
If you are not a part of a situation, and you try to state your opinion or get involved in any other way, it will be considered interference. Involving yourself only makes it harder for staff to control a situation.
Punishments are between the punished player and the members of staff. Trying to talk to staff on behalf of your friend is considered interfering.
Punishment: temp mute

No sexual talk, images, or references.
This keeps the chat safe for any who wish to use it and means that those who don't want to see or be involved in that sort of thing aren't forced to see it, or forced out of the chat.
Using slang or finding ways to vaguely reference it in order to avoid outright discussing it is still considered talking about it, and as such is not allowed.
This includes, but is not limited to, using text, signs, books, nicknames, pet names or item names
Punishment: temp mute

No unnecessary or excessive profanity.
Swearing is allowed so long as it is kept to a minimum and not used unnecessarily or aimed at anyone. It should also all be spelled correctly so that it does not bypass the chat filter.
Swearing at others is unnecessary and causes issues that could lead to breaking other rules. If you reach the point where you feel like swearing at others, log out and calm down.
Punishment: temp mute

No drug references.
Do not encourage the use of drugs, or make jokes out of it.
Using slang or finding ways to vaguely reference it in order to avoid outright discussing it is still considered talking about it, and as such is not allowed.
This includes, but is not limited to, using text, signs, books, nicknames, pet names or item names
Punishment: temp mute

No spamming in chat.
Spamming includes, but is not limited to, using letters/symbols excessively, repeating messages constantly, mass-sending messages, filling chat, sending constant tp requests, etc.
Punishment: temp mute

No advertising or mentioning other servers in chat or signs.
We define advertising as putting another servers IP in the chat, as well as saying the name of a server with the intent to get others on that server.
Simply talking about a server is fine as long as you are not trying to get others to go on there.
Punishment: ban

Do not bypass the chat filter.
The chat filter can be toggled at any time using /tf
The chat filter exists because not everyone wishes to read the things that the filter blocks, and some may not be allowed to see them because of personal, religious, parental or other reasons.
Bypassing it simply because you can't be bothered turning it off yourself is rude and inconsiderate of others. It also fills the chat with misspelled words and could lead to spam.
Punishment: temp mute

Do not accuse anyone of hacking in the chat.
Rather than using the chat that everyone can see, contact staff directly. If there aren't any staff online, you can use discord or the forums to make an official report. Make sure to use the formats provided on both platforms.
Accusing someone of hacking (where everyone can see) means that the hackers are likely to start toggling their hacks, especially if they know that staff are online. This means that it becomes impossible for us to catch them.
Accusing someone of hacking as a joke or an insult will not be tolerated.
Punishment: temp mute

Keep conversations in the appropriate chat channels.
We have different channels so that people can talk to others across the network or only those on the same server, in their local area, or others who are interested in roleplay.
This is so that the chat is not filled with dozens of different conversations.
Punishment: temp mute

No hacking in any way.
Hacking ruins the game for others. If you wish to hack then find another server.
If you own a hacked client, it is recommended that you remove it before logging onto New Heaven. Toggling it on, even by accident, will result in you being removed from the server.
Punishment: ban

Do not use unfair modifications to your client.
This includes anything that gives you an unfair advantage over other players.
If it is not listed in the allowed section, then assume that it's not allowed and do not use it on New Heaven.
Minimap mods (must NOT show entity/player locations)
More player models Mod
Schematica (must disable auto placing)
If you wish for a mod to be allowed, make a suggestions thread and include your name, the mod name, a link to its description (make sure it doesn’t lead to another server) and the reason you think it should be allowed.
Punishment: ban

Do not use unfair texture packs.
This includes, but is not limited to, texture packs that alter the visuals of blocks to give yourself an advantage.
Punishment: ban

No exploiting bugs in any way.
Finding and abusing bugs, exploits, or unintended side effects for your advantage is not allowed.
If you find anything, report it to staff through the forums or discord.
Punishment: temp ban

Do not use alternate accounts to interact with your other accounts.
If you use an alt account (not recommended) it must be used as an independent character. Your alt is not allowed to interact with any of your other accounts in any way. The accounts can not share money, items, claims (they can't be trusted in the same claims regardless of who owns them) or anything else. Doing so will be considered boosting.
You are not allowed to use your friends to pass stuff from one account to the other. Doing so will mean that both you and your friend(s) are involved in boosting an alt.
Punishment: ban

Do not bypass punishments.
If you have received a punishment, do not attempt to bypass it. If you have been muted, using any form of communication on the server will count as bypassing. If you have been banned, using an alt will count as bypassing.
If you believe you have been falsely punished, then make an appeal on the forums, and calmly explain your side of the story. Make sure you use the format that is provided.
Punishment: temp ban

Do not bypass the AFK kicker.
Mods that prevent you from being AFK-kicked are prohibited, as well as any form of in-game mechanic that prevents you from being sent to the Hub.
If you are not actually playing, moving and/or talking but are not being sent to hub, it is considered bypassing the AFK kicker. This means that if you AFK near a farm and you are not being kicked to hub for being AFK, then you are bypassing.
Punishment: temp ban

Do not lag the servers in any way.
Anything that causes lag will be removed.
This includes, but is not limited to, over spawning entities, using a massive amount of redstone, fast circuits, abusing plugins to slow down processes, and so on.
It is recommended that you be able to turn off all kinds of redstone structures when not in use
Punishment: device causing lag will be removed
Punishment: temp ban

Killing others is allowed in all forms in PVP-enabled areas.
Pvp is a part of the game and is allowed on the server.
We recommend that you build a secure base, and be careful who you allow in. At the very least, build a secure room that you can hide in while under attack. If you are going out into the world, be careful who you teleport to.
Punishment: temp mute (for those who complain about pvp)

Do not combat log.
Combat logging is logging out to avoid dying by another player (even when not combat tagged).
Claiming that “I wasn't combat tagged so technically I didn't combat log” is not a valid excuse, as it would still be considered logging out to avoid dying.
Punishment: temp ban

Do not bypass PVP protections.
As PVP is allowed, there are very few protections available. Bypassing these protections in any way will not be tolerated. Anyone who manages to bypass the protections have clearly gone out of their way to do so.
Punishment: temp ban

Do not grief the property of others regardless of claims.
Not yours? don't touch it.
If someone has trusted you to their land, you are not allowed to grief it simply because you have been ‘trusted’.
If you can't get into someone's base, it is not okay to destroy the land around them (destroying includes placing and/or removing things through any means). It still counts as grief regardless of whether it's claimed or not.
In survival, you can purchase more claim blocks from the Mayor NPC.
Animals that are inside claims are considered to be the property of the claim owner.
Punishment: temp ban

Do not steal from containers of others in or near a claim.
Stealing from claimed chests is unacceptable. Do not betray someone if they have trusted you to their claim.
If there are chests that are near a claim, but not actually inside it, do not touch them. Chances are the owner does not realize they are not claimed.
However, if the chests are nowhere near a claim then they are free for all. You can check for claims by right clicking on the ground with a stick.
Punishment: temp ban

Do not claim land with malicious intent.
A claim that prevents the expansion of other players claims, or one made without the intention of building there, is considered malicious. Claiming another players build is also considered malicious as it belongs to them and by claiming it you are preventing them from doing so.
Generally, as a guide, we consider that a claim within 100 blocks of another is preventing expansion. However, 100 blocks is simply a basic guideline and is not to be considered the definite number. If staff deem a claim to be malicious and it is further then 100 blocks, we will still take action.
Building a basic dirt hut (or similar) without living there simply to say that you built there will be considered as exploiting a loophole.
Punishment: temp ban

Do not set homes with malicious intent.
A /home is considered to be malicious when you are using it simply to get back to a base or claim that you are not trusted in. This is because if you are not trusted then there is no legitimate reason for you to be there other than to cause issues.
Set homes are not to be used as a quick return to another players base and will be removed when found.
Punishment: temp ban

No vulgar builds.
Any builds that may offend or insult others are not allowed.
This includes, but is not limited to, sexually crude builds, penis statues, discriminatory builds, hate builds, swastikas, built out letters with insults/swears, etc.
Punishment: temp ban

Do not exploit loopholes in the rules
As lots of players tend to find loopholes in the rules so that they can get away with things without being punished, this rule is now in existence.
If its close enough to the rule continuously while stopping short, then it is covered by this.
Punishment: temp ban

Follow the chain of command
Never take your issues to Rene (The Owner). Just don't.
There is an entire staff team you NEED to speak to first. Each level of the staff team exists to deal with different types of problems. Every time an issue goes to Rene it wastes his time and prevents him from working on stuff for the server.
If you have an issue, ask a Helper. If they are unable to help then they can contact the rest of the staff and get someone who can.
Do not bother a higher ranked staff if there is a lower ranked staff member available.
If there aren't any staff online, you can use the forums or discord and a staff member will help you as soon as possible.
Punishment: you will probably be ignored by the higher staff if its an issue for the lower ranks

Do not intentionally allow yourself to be killed
This is considered to be boosting/feeding and will often be referred to as such.
Boosting/feeding is where you are either killing someone repeatedly in order to gain the rewards without putting effort in to collect it in the intended way, or being killed repeatedly in order to allow the other person to benefit.
It is not okay to pay someone to let you kill them or to receive payment to be killed.
Most commonly used in Kitpvp to get extra sols, and in survival for hunters to get Honor
Punishment: Being reset, and tempbanned
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