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New race - Elf


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A new race; Elves. This earth loving race would have talents related to nature and be a relatively passive race.
Elves are servants to the earth, so their passive way of life can allow them to live for a very extended amount of time so for progression they'd have a simular thing to vampires with them growing old.
Their talents should be nature based not giving them too many pvp perks to give them the option of being peaceful elves, like how the other races have talents that aren't useful for pvp too.

Suggested talents:
T1 - Marksman - +20% damage with bows (not crossbows)
T1 - Forager - Adittional saturation from eating food
T2 - Ranger - speed 3 whilst holding a bow
T3 - Heart of the forest - passive absorbtion that only grows back after out of combat 3 seconds.
T1 - Xylophile - Haste 1 when holding an axe (this is not good for pvp since haste3 is the max and it wouldn't overlap)
T3 - Caretaker - Can heal animals/passive mobs by being near them or can heal animals/passive mobs by right clicking them with grass (herbs)
T2 - Precision - whilst holding Gold sword (elvish dagger) gain Haste 2
T3 - Agile - Resistance 1 (to simulate the effect of dodging incoming attacks due to high awareness of their surroundings that elves have)
T2 - Gourmet salad - Has access to custom food crafting recipes

Precision talent is necessary for elves to have an advantage with their unique dagger mentioned ahead since it's equal to diamond so T2 would be the main decision maker between melee and ranged pvp because they can only choose to be specialised in one.

Evles are considered lightweight, so although elves cannot wear armour heavier than gold (diamond and netherrite) this forces them to utilise Evlish armour. If they wear diamond or netherrite they gain slowness 2 and mining fatigue

Master crafters - passive: can make fine elvish armour and weaponry however only elves can wear their unique armour which has a custom recipe and is base item gold armour.
When equipped with the armour it gives then the same effect as washed armour and for each piece gives different perks (this would be balanced since gold has much less defense than diamond and netherrite). some example for armour perks are:
Talaria boots: Speed 3, Elafry leggings: Jump 3, Warmogs chest: Health boost, rather than having a helmet, elves can craft a retextured pumpkin which they can put on their head slot which would
texure to a laurel wreath (this doesn't give any armour but is still balanced because the talents and other armour pieces can give a lot, so to stop overpowering the elf and to suite their style more this would be another balancer)
the wreath would give them clarity in their minds which grants them faster actions (Haste 2). Elven bow - Power VI or Punch 3, Elven dagger (gold sword) - Sharpness XI (sharpness 11 on a gold sword gives a total damage equal to 10 which is the same as diamond with sharp 5)
All Elvish armour and the elvish dagger have unbreaking 5 (gold items are weak in durability so this is to show they are infact masters of the forge not using monkey metal).

Protectors - passive: Bonus damage against monsters (nature loving, monsters are abominations)

Vegetarian - passive: They can only eat plant based foods as they don't believe in killing animals as they're a part of nature too so they rely on the earth to provide sustenance to them itself.

Fail skin - passive: Elves have frail skin so they take extra damage from poison and fire effects.

Since elves aren't an evil race and are nature lovers, they have the same effects as mundane human when it comes to hunting, so if trackers are being implemented again then there shouldn't be one for elves and also elves shouldn't be able to track any of the other races or at least copy what mundane humans have access to.
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I love the idea of this race and think it would encourage a more peaceful way of playing, compared to vamps and werewolves more pvp oriented skills. Elves could be peaceful but not helpless. PLEEEASE add this race.
To become an elf, you should have to drink a potion of strang herbs made of grass, berries, and ferns. To become human, you should have to make a Tome of Humanity, which would make you human again.


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I think some passives Elves should have are:

-Night vision-Elves have much better sight than humans

-Super Hearing- applies glowing to all mobs and players within a 15 block radius of the elf player. can be triggered for 5 seconds by doing /e h

-Cry of the Earth- Triggered by doing /e c, grants the player regeneration 1 for one minute and can only be used once every 10 minutes.
-Talent idea-Nature's cover-When Cry of the Earth is done, invisibility is granted along with armor being hidden as well for 10-20 seconds.