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New Event - Invisible Maze


New Event - Invisible Maze
That's right there is a new event coming up! Next Friday 9am Server Time there will be an event taking place on New-Heaven!
On the 12 June, we will be opening our newest event, the Invisible Maze!

Warning: This maze is not designed to be easy. It will take time to complete. Do not rage at any of the staff if you find the maze to be too difficult.

The maze can be accessed in the brand new Event server. You can get to the event server by typing “/event” while in the hub. The Event server will be opening just before the maze.

The maze itself is invisible and is designed this way to limit cheating. Any cheating to make the maze visible will disqualify you. All maps, resource packs, and shaders must be turned off/disabled while in the maze.

Now that you are in the maze with everything disabled there are a few things to know.
There are five levels to the maze. You start at level 1.
To get to the lower levels, you need to find ‘drop points’. They are holes in the floor that will allow you to drop down to the next level. The drop points are located randomly on each level.
The number of drop points depends on which floor you are on.
There are:
Four holes from the 1st floor to the 2nd​
Three holes from the 2nd floor to the 3rd​
Two holes from the 3rd floor to the 4th​
One hole from the 4th floor to the 5th​
One hole from the 5th floor to the finish.​
To make the maze even more entertaining, everyone will be invisible with PVP enabled, so those lucky enough to find someone can sabotage their progress in the maze.

Once you have made it through the maze, you will find 4 numbers. Each number corresponds to a prize, and each prize may be claimed once.
To claim a prize, take a screenshot of yourself in front of a number, and upload it to the New Heaven discord server in the #minecraft channel and tag @frost
Prizes will be offered until they are all claimed.

This is a solo event!
EDIT: Teams are no longer allowed as there is no point in teaming. Previously we said 1 per team could claim, this is no longer the case. Any teams will be made to restart. Further attempts at teaming will result in disqualification. This is a solo event. There is no need to team.

1 Omega rank OR $60 store credit
2 Delta rank. OR $45 store credit
3 Beta rank OR $30 store credit
4 Alpha rank OR $15 store credit
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