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Network Remake - New Heaven 2.0 Incoming


Network Remake - New Heaven 2.0 Incoming

Due to extremely complicated circumstances, the server machine is being shut down for good under our current host. We’re currently preparing our new machine with a more secure host.

Our server machine has been flagged on a protection network, so our host is accusing us of abuse. It turns out that we most likely were infected with a virus in the machine in order to run these kinds of operations. The host is only giving us 24 hours to resolve this without any proper support. We were planning on migrating hosts due to the recent DDOS attacks against us anyway, so we’re going to progress that earlier.

Because we don’t know where or how the virus works, it could be hidden within our server directories. Some of our files were also corrupted during the backup sequence as well. This means we will have to recreate the entire network from scratch with brand new data. Our current data is corrupted as well as possibly infected and we don’t wanna risk that on a new host.

After today, the data will not be transferred and we will be using new databases, new world data, new plugin data, and new a donation shop. All ranks that were purchased have to be regiven manually so if you have purchased a rank you will have to request to restore it on Discord with your username and we will check the old shop and add it to the new shop for free.

If you are upset by this, believe me, I am too because everything my team and I have worked will have to be wiped and remade. Be patient as we work on preparing the new machine. We will most likely be down for at least a week (but our BungeeCord server will be open to keep everyone posted with an MOTD.) This will be up once the new panel is prepared.

I hope you guys do stick around because 2020 has already been the craziest year and January isn’t even over.


Let’s all hope the server prospers and gets back on its feet as soon as possible! This is a great chance to take what we learned from our mistakes and really take off this time. Press f to pay respects to the the old New Heaven (May I call it Old Heaven?)