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MCMMO Changes


MCMMO Changes

For 1.14, the original owner of MCMMO returned to the plugin and they did a major overhaul. They changed quite a few of the features and added things such as more settings in the files (that wasn't all but I'm not listing everything).
Even before we made any changes to it, it had already been altered a lot so it was very different from how it was before our reset to 1.14.
I have spent the past few weeks going through everything, learning how the plugin works. I did this so that I could return some of it to the way it was before. However, there are some things that were better left as is, meaning that you will notice some changes. I do apologize for how long it took to make these changes.

A major part of what I adjusted is the level scaling. In their overhaul, they changed the default scaling to 1-100. Before the overhaul it had been 1-1000. This change meant that people were able to easily max out a lot of skills using vote tokens, store-bought credits, and general in-game leveling. I changed the scale system back to the 1-1000 and took the opportunity to make another related change.
Before the reset, a lot of players were able to either max out a bunch of skills or get them to pretty high levels. This resulted in a lot of bored players with no reason to keep leveling. The experience gain rate has been adjusted to make each skill more of a grind to prevent everyone from maxing out multiple skills quickly. Players now need to put more effort into the skills of their choice.
It is harder then it was before the reset, but leveling is approximately just over 2x as fast as it was while I was working on it. Donors also receive the appropriate bonuses depending on their rank.

Another change that has been made is regarding the parties. While the changes were being made, the party chat requirement was increased to 1000. It has now been lowered to party level 20. It will still require effort to achieve it, but it is obtainable now. The bonuses you can receive for being in a party caps at level 100, but the overall party level caps at 1000, allowing for parties to achieve higher levels and brag about it.

There may be some minor changes done over the next couple of weeks to adjust or fix any issues that arise.

Please refrain from complaining if the plugin is not the way you liked it before, or if skills are different now. Those changes to the skills themselves were made by the devs of the plugin itself and is not something that I have changed. Also, keep in mind that the devs are still working on the plugin and there will likely be major changes in the future.