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Looking For Upcoming Talent Ideas


Looking For Upcoming Talent Ideas
As some of you are aware, I am currently working on a new mechanic to the HeavenRaces plugin that will make each race feel unique to each player's experience. Currently, there are only a few talents for each race, and we are looking for some new ideas. We want to span the talents over several hundred levels so there's enough content for a long time, and if we get more ideas in the future, we will add those too for higher levels. We ask you also include the name of the talent, the level to acquire said talent, for what race it is for, and a detailed description for it. Let us know in this thread.


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I am not sure how the rest of the new skills are set up moon/year-wise, so I will just set them based on where I think they should fall on the current system.
Predators Cloak:
-Moons 300
-"After many moons of hunting down their prey, werewolves began to wear the pelts upon their backs."
-Allows the use of leather armor during transformation.

Psychic Scream:
-Year 350
-"As time passes by you can feel the blood strengthen your mind until you eventually can fling entities away."
-An effect similar to bash throwing everyone in a 10-block radius back, and gives slowness 2 for 5 seconds.

Psychic Spike:
-Year 600
-"With time comes control. The psychic power can now be concentrated on the enemy's mind, bringing their attacks to a halt for a time."
-Gives the other player slowness 2 for 10 seconds, and mining fatigue 1 for 5 seconds.

Exposed Fangs:
-Year 100
-"When battle hits, the hunger grows. You begin to lick the blood of your blade between strikes."
-Recovers more blood during from both fist and melee weapons.

Gushing Wound:
-Moon 100
-"The slash of a werewolf heals slowly and bleeds badly."
-The enemy gains the bleeding effect 20% of the time lasting for 10 seconds.
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Even sharper claws:
-Moon 100
-"After A long time the WereWolfs learn how to create even sharper claws in WereWolf form"
-The users attack damage highers by 1, only available in ww form.

Predator Sight:
-moon 130
-"The WereWolf's eventually learns how to see there prey through anything"
-puts glowing on nearby enemys or players.

Flying Leap:
-moon 80
-"The user puts a lot of strenght in there jump and nearly flies high up in the sky"
-Gives the user insane jump boost for 3 sec so it only lasts one jump, could have a cooldown of 30 sec maybe

this one is for the merfolk if you add them,

Echoing Voice:
- Dont know what the merfolk will have to level up
-"The Merfolk have always had the ability to scream their victim to death, and they still do"
-The user scream's and anybody nearby gets flinged away because of the pressure.


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1) vampires: should be able to manipulate mobs by compelling them to do what they wish, vampires should also have a way faster speed, and strength I feel they are to weak compared to wolves. Vamps should have special powers live werewolves such as controlling things or speed like wolves. There should be a daylight ring for them to walk in sun for a max of 10 min or 5min
2) *****I Feel like witches should be added in tbh because witches are a balance of both vampire and wolves you can make the witches use similar spells to the witchery plugin where they can cast spells to help vamps or werewolves fight or cast spells to protect themselves. By summoning things, making extra potions, traveling to the spirit world and fighting
3) Wolves should work more in packs because that is what they are known for maybe you can make use of their claws and fangs so its fatal to a vamp and you would need wolf blood to save a vamp in the case of the server a wolf bite could make a vamp lose its vamp powers for a day in the game world. I feel like silvermane should have the power to jump higher because their main power is speed so their speed should affect their jump.
Wolves also need the ability to sense when a hunter is coming because sometimes hunters just come out of no where maybe you can make it to where they can hear whats near them or do something with their vision to see from far.


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Reached at level 150

When a vampire is in bat form, they will not burn in the sun.
Alternatively, vampires could drink a potion that lasts for 8 min. that prevents them from burning in the sun.


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lvl 200

Puff of Smoke

-allows the vampire to shapeshift into a puff of smoke. The player will be invisible and not be able to be hit by others during this time, it will last only 5-10 seconds.

Also, vampires should have strength 1 as a default effect.


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- Vampire sight: Used to find prey, and can be controlled unless the hunger is too great so your body will force you to find food

- Bat Dodge: There is a chance to dodge an attack by transforming into bats for a short time a travel a short distance

Also Maybe undead Vampires can perform a ritual for summoning a storm once in a while but it may be too much tho

- Vampiric strength ofc, I don't wanna suggest how much because it may be unbalanced

- Vampiric monster control (for undeads): for example summoning a few mobs like bats or phantoms which can be controlled and can attack and maybe instead of summoning them you can just command them if they spawn near you, to be fair maybe just a handful like 3-4 at a time

- Vampiric Bat Travel (for undeads): like here

- Vampiric Speed: Vampires have the ability to be as fast as a falling star, by that I mean maybe give them speed 2-3

- Bloodlust as it is rn for example

- If Humans get turned by an undead maybe the body has to adapt slowly to it so there will be a transition between the human and vampiric body so it takes maybe one full day to become a sanguine vampire