Accepted Kingwolf3210's Report


New member
User name: Domekie

What is your in-game name?
➥ Domekie

How can we contact you? Provide your Discord name and ID.
➥ Watanukie #5248

What platform did this happen on?
➥ Survival

Whom are you reporting?
➥ Kingwolf3210

What rules did they break?
➥ Rule#17

Describe the offense.
➥ Kingwolf supposedly died somewhere on my property, I was not able to verify this claim, so i told him I was not going to teleport him in to my base. He kept requesting a teleport to me, i eventually accepted one and killed him, he made it to the outside of my base and found an area where I had accidently unclaimed, set a home, and proceeded to grief away.

Provide proof if you have any.
➥ File(s) attached



/tptoggle to prevent people from sending you tpa requests and use a stick to check ur claim to make sure its all claimed to prevent things like this from happening in the future xoxo