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New Heaven Kingdoms Guide
This post should cover the core aspects of how Kingdoms will be played in the New Heaven network.


The currency for Kingdoms is real items. They are emeralds and emerald blocks, where an emerald is worth 1 E and a block is worth 9 E. The economy for Kingdoms is basically a free player economy. There are no admin shops so everything has to be bought and sold from other players. The design for this is to make players interact with each other more.

To sell items to other players you can use the PlayerShop GUI. This can be brought up by doing /pshop. You can sell items by placing the item in your main hand and typing /pshop sell <amount> <price>. We recommend using this method as you can get scammed if you drop the money/item for a player. You can also use /trade <player> to trade goods for emeralds or goods for other goods through the menu. Don’t let yourself be scammed.


The best way to earn money in Kingdoms is to pick a job and level that job up. We’re using the well-known JobsReborn plugin, so if you have used it before, you can skip ahead from this section.

We have 20 different jobs that can suit what you like doing best in Minecraft. You can be a farmer, hunter, builder, excavator, you name it. You level up your profession by working. This means farmers need to plant, grow, and harvest crops; hunters have to kill cattle; builders have to build, and excavators have to dig. To browse and pick a shop, simply do /jobs browse.


The races in Kingdoms are not like the ones in Survival. They are just a minor feature to bring some spice to Kingdoms. These are the five races to choose from: Dwarf, Elf, Orc, Demon, and Undead. Each race has lore and we hope players use this to maybe add some roleplay to their gameplay. To view full attributes and passives for each race, type /races gui.

New Enchants

We proudly host over 200 enchants! There is a random chance that a custom enchant appears on your item upon enchanting it on an enchanting table. What is unique is there are two new menus: the enchanter and the tinkerer. The enchanter lets you buy a random custom enchant book with experience points. This can be accessed with /enchanter. The tinkerer essentially lets you harvest the custom enchants on items and convert them back to experience bottles. To access that, type /tinkerer. (The list of enchants can be seen by doing /ae list.)

Infernal Mobs

Every once in a while, you will encounter mini-bosses (referred to as infernal mobs.) They will vary randomly on their difficulty based on their overall level. Infernal mobs drop money of a random amount each time. Infernal mobs can spawn anywhere a normal mob can. They can be anything from a super-powerful zombie with spells to a supercharged creeper with high health. Be careful when you counter them. It’s better to fight them in groups.

Custom Dungeons

Dungeons as seen on modpacks have made their way to Kingdoms. This should make exploring a little more fun. There are usually lots of mobs and random loot so there’s not much to write about other than that.


The combat mechanics mimic 1.8 combat mechanics. This means no shields, no attack cooldown, no sweep damage, and none of anything else that changed combat since 1.8. It’s basically similar to KitPVP, but better designed for the 1.8 feels.

Dangerous Weather

Every so often there will be storms of some kind that travel throughout the Overworld. Some of these include acid rain, sandstorms, EMP storms, blizzards, etc. The easiest way to deal with these storms is to hide inside some shelter until it is over. If you’re stronger with better armor it might not kill you.

Daily Rewards

Logging on to Kingdoms every day will give you a reward upon logging in. The rewards are emeralds and it gets progressively more rewarding for each day. The limit of the streak is seven days. After the seven days, the streak resets. If you miss a day on Kingdoms, your streak will also reset.

This section needs to be broken down into smaller components since the whole system can get very complicated. (To get a list of commands for Kingdoms, type /k help.)

Kingdoms & Nations

Kingdoms are a group of people that possess land and resources. Each kingdom has a nexus, resource points, a kingdom vault, and a kingdom bank. Each kingdom also has a king or queen that maintains everything. Kingdoms can also form together to create a nation. Nations have cross-kingdom taxes.

Resource Points

All kingdoms work with resource points. You use these to buy just about everything for a kingdom like turrets, structures, land upgrades, invasions, and powerups.


The nexus is a beacon that carries all of your kingdom’s business. You can use this to add in resource points by putting emeralds and emerald blocks into the resource converter. You can also use this to manage your kingdoms such as member information and permissions. Remember that if your Nexus gets invaded by an enemy kingdom, you will lose everything in it and your kingdom spawn will be deleted.


In order to keep your kingdom running, you must pay taxes as the king or queen, and your subordinates should help pay for that tax. Every day, you’re taxed a small amount.

Pacifism & War Shields

A pacifist kingdom can’t be invaded and can’t invade others. If you invaded an enemy kingdom, you cannot become a pacifist kingdom for a while. You can also buy war shields to prevent yourself from being invaded for some time without being a pacifist. Being a pacifist kingdom forces you to pay more taxes.


Invading a kingdom is the way to capture land that belongs to another kingdom. This means invaders can take your items if they win. To start an invasion you stand in the enemy claim and type /k invade. This has to be done per chunk so if you plan to invade the enemy nexus, you have to claim bit by bit.

During an invasion, the defenders spawn a champion. This champion is a mob with superpowered stats and defends your land. If the invaders kill it, the land now becomes theirs. You must make sure to upgrade your champion early on so you don’t lose your land.

During invasions, you can’t teleport, use tools, commands, or a portal; and you can’t interact with blocks. To surrender a fight, use /k surrender. Leaving the fight in any way forfeits the fight.

Guards & Soldiers

Kingdoms are guarded by guards. If a player that is not part of the kingdom enters unannounced, the guards will spawn and attack them. This won’t happen to allies or kingdoms in a truce.


Turrets are stationary blocks that shoot mobs or heal allies inside and outside of the land within a range. They use ammo that has to be refilled with resource points. If the turret is empty, it will not target anyone. (Keep in mind that turrets and structures cannot share the same claim.)


Below is the information on all structures you can get:

  • Nexus: The most important thing in your kingdom that must be protected. Unlike other structures, nexus structures don't drop an item when it’s broken. They'll be also removed automatically once the land is invaded. You can manage your nexus using /k nexus.
  • Powercell: Protects 3x3 lands around the land, invaders will have to invade power cell lands before invading the 3x3 lands around them.
  • Extractor: Produces resource points over time with a maximum capacity.
  • Outpost: Buy different items using resource points and access your nexus remotely.
  • Warp Pad: Teleport to all the different structures in your kingdom. Each warp pad also has a name that appears inside the GUI for teleporting to other Warp Pads and above the hologram.
  • Regulator: Manage various things in your lands, such as mob and animal spawning, explosions, turret ammo auto-refill, which players can interact with what type of block and etc.
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