Accepted ItsDeku's Appeal


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User name: ItsDeku

What is your in-game name?
➥ ItsDeku

What type of punishment have your faced?
➥ Minecraft Perm Ban

When did this punishment happen?
➥ Dec 21, 2019

Who punished you?
➥ Frosted_Angel

Why should we lift your punishment?
➥ I apologize for using aimbot in KitPvP. I promise that i will never use it again, and will delete the hacks right now. I enjoy playing on the server and really want to keep on playing. Please forgive me. I was really looking forward to spending christmas with my friends, and i don't know what i was thinking. I worked really hard on my present for CommunistBane, so please unban me.
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Your appeal has been accepted.

I recommend that you delete any and all hacks and enjoy playing on the server with your friends.