Infomation on the mage race in survival suggestion


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What is your in-game name?
➥ CareFang

How can we contact you? Provide your Discord name and ID.
➥ CareFang#5711

What gamemode/platform do you want this implemented? (Discord, Survival, Creative, KitPVP)
➥ Survival

What would you want implemented?
➥ Mage's for people who want to be a witch/wizard/warlock.


They would have to use a light alter or dark alter for depending on if they want to be good mage like a wizard or a dark mage like a warlock/witch. The ingredents for them to become a mage should be resource costly Being a combine of diamonds, emeralds, gold and glowstone.

Type's: depending on the type good mage's would have better healing spells and nature related magic such as light magic spells with very few combat magic. Dark mages should be combat magic heavy having curses and harmful dark spells with little healing spells.

Light magic types: Healing magic, nature magic, light magic/holy magic

Dark magic types: Curse, Hexs, Dark magic/Evil magic

Spell: as of the moment the few spells i could think of are not a huge amount so i wont list them here but if ask by the owner will tell them.