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How furnaces work in Kingdoms

In the new Kingdoms server there are some jobs that use a furnace to either cook or smelt something. Jobs like:

miner, butcher, armorsmith, mason, cook, and technician.

How furnaces work with Jobs

For jobs that smelt or cook you need to use a furnace that is registered as yours to get jxp (job experience points) and money from it. If you use a furnace you haven't registered as yours it will not count towards your job. (I haven't gotten to test this yet but I believe if you use a furnace someone else has registered already then it will count towards their job.)

The max amount of furnaces you can have registered is 20 regular furnaces, 15 blast furnaces, and 15 smokers. When you register a furnace it will tell you that you have registered new ownership of a furnace and then show how many furnaces you currently have registered.

Blast Furnaxe.png

Smoker (2).png

How to register/unregister a furnace

To register a furnace you need to click on it in some way. Both right and left clicking work, this includes shift right clicking off a furnace to place a block. So be careful when building around furnaces if you don't want to register them as yours.

To unregister a furnace then just break it. There is no other way to easily unregister a furnace so be careful when away from home because if you register a furnace and lose it then there is no way for you to unregister that furnace.

Super Smelters

If you are like me then as soon as you saw or heard that some jobs can smelt for money you thought about making a super smelter so that you can get easy money and jxp all the time. Well that won't work because the furnace unregisters itself whenever a hopper puts anything into the furnace. While you can't put anything in with hoppers you can use the hoppers to take whatever you're smelting out.

AFK or offline smelting

If you are AFK in hub, on another server, or offline and you have something smelting it does not count towards your job. Doesn't matter if you have the furnace registered or not you have to be online and playing on the kingdoms server for the smelting to count towards your job.