Guide Guide to Werewolves


Guide to Werewolves
Werewolves are cursed as creatures of the night and the moon, and gain levels by attending full moons. It is possible to track the moon cycle using /ww.
A werewolves diet consists of only meat. This is due to the fact that they are carnivores and gain no sustenance from plants.

There are three different werewolf clans that each have unique buffs. Witherfang, Bloodmoon, and Silvermane. Each of the clans also has an alpha werewolf that has stats that are 20% higher than werewolves of the same level within their pack. All werewolf stats are maxed out when they are turned.

Witherfangs are cunning with their unmatched speed and ability to jump great heights.

Max Speed: 0.6F
Max Defense: 75%
Max Damage: 12 DMG

Night Vision I
Hunger I
Jump IV
Speed IV
Haste III

A Witherfang werewolf is created by drinking a WW infection potion. The potion is not a guaranteed way of changing as it only has a 50% success rate. Despite the 50/50 infection rate, it is the only way to become a Witherfang.
The potion consists of a ball of slime, a piece of leather, a ghasts tear and a blaze powder mixed into an empty bottle.
Infection Potion.png

Bloodmoons boast about their unrivaled strength.

Max Speed: 0.3F
Max Defense: 60%
Max Damage: 9 DMG

Night Vision I
Hunger II
Jump II
Speed I
Strength III

Being bitten by any werewolf from any of the three clans will result in you turning into a Bloodmoon werewolf.

Silvermanes take pride in their superior ability to regenerate

Max Speed: 0.4F
Max Defense: 45%
Max Damage: 7 DMG

Night Vision I
Hunger III
Jump III
Speed II
Regeneration III

A bite from a wild wolf has a small chance to infect you and turn you into a Silvermane werewolf.

Leveling Up
As a werewolf of any clan, to level up you need to attend full moons. For it to actually register, you must spend time out under the light of the full moon as you do not level up immediately. It takes time. Spending the entire night under the moon can give you up to 5 whole levels.
The more full moons a werewolf has attended, the stronger they become.

As you level up, you unlock different abilities.
Level 3 - Intent​
Level 6 - Growl​
Level 12 - Howl​
Level 25 - Level 1 versions of beneficial buffs in human form depending on which clan you are in.​
Level 30 - Transform at will​
Level 40 - Scent Trail​
Level 50 - No armor drop​

Scent Tracking
After you have leveled up enough, you can track others using scent tracking. Right-click on another player while in wolf form to have a chance to collect their scent. Once you have found their scent, type /ww track to “close your eyes” and see the trail toward their direction.

A scent trail appears as different colors that you can use to see how far they are from you.
Gray: 500 Blocks+​
Green: 500 Blocks to 200 Blocks​
Yellow: 200 Blocks to 50 Blocks​
Red: 50 Blocks-​

Potion Effects
While you are tracking, your entire focus is on your task and you receive effects that reflect this.
Blindness I​
Slow IV​

At any point that you decide you no longer wish to be infected with this werewolf curse, you may drink a cure potion to become human again. The cure is not always potent enough to cure you, as there is only a 50% success chance.
The cure requires a bucket of milk and a poppy flower to be mixed into a glass bottle.
Cure Potion.png

As a werewolf, it is expected that you try to avoid death by Hunters.
Deliberately allowing yourself to be killed is considered feeding, as it allows the Hunters to gain Honor from your death without putting in any effort.
Intentionally dying to benefit the Hunters or getting paid for doing so, etc. is considered feeding. If you or your attacker/target is found feeding intentionally to benefit yourselves, both of you will face punishment.

This guide was made by Frosted_Angel, Chukwu, and RFSMassacre