Guide Guide to Humans and Hunters


Guide to Humans and Hunters
Everyone starts out as a Human. Many of those who choose to be a human attempt to live peaceful lives away from the fighting that plagues the land.
While many choose to remain as relatively peaceful humans, there are those who choose a different path. Some choose to become supernatural creatures while others choose to hunt them.

Light Altar
Anyone who wishes to cure themselves and return to being human may use a light altar to do so at any point.
A light altar can be made using
  • 2 Diamond Blocks
  • 30 Glowstone
  • 5 Dandelions
  • 5 Poppys
  • 1 Lapis Block

With many supernatural beings in the world, some humans choose to take up hunting. Hunters have been relatively successful in forcing the supernatural into hiding.
Only humans can register as official hunters.
You may hunt whoever you want, but you can only specialize in one type. You can be either a Werewolf Hunter or a Vampire Hunter.

Honor Points
Honor points are gained by killing supernatural creatures. Killing a supernatural creature will earn you 10 points for the first kill, and 2 points for any subsequent kill.
You lose points when you kill other humans, or when you are defeated by supernatural creatures. Killing a Human or being defeated by a supernatural creature will result in a loss of 5 points.
These points are required in order to use special items that are unique to Hunters. The various types of armor require different amounts of points to create and wear. Attempting to wear the special armor without the necessary points causes the armor to drop on the ground.

Farming honor points is against the rules. Paying someone to let you kill them, or accepting any form of payment for allowing yourself to be killed is not allowed.

Hunters have access to different types of special armor that provide special bonuses to help them in their missions to rid the world of the supernatural.
There is currently Washed Armor and Purified Armor

Washed Armor
Washed armor prevents you from being infected by supernatural creatures.
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The Honor requirement for washed armor is as follows:
  • Leather - 0
  • Gold - 20
  • Chainmail - 40
  • Iron - 80
  • Diamond - 100

Purified Armor
You can put washed armor into a furnace to attempt to purify it. Be warned though that there is a high chance that it will fail and your armor will burn away and leave you with a pile of ash.
Purify it at your own risk.

Smelt Percentages:
  • Leather - 30%
  • Golden - 20%
  • Chainmail - 20%
  • Iron - 10%
  • Diamond - 5%
Successfully creating and wearing purified armor means that you are protected from being infected and you take less damage from supernatural creatures.

The Honor requirement for purified armor is as follows:
  • Leather - 200
  • Gold - 250
  • Chainmail - 300
  • Iron - 350
  • Diamond - 400
Supernatural Damage reduction per armor piece:
  • Leather - 4%
  • Golden - 2%
  • Chainmail - 1.5%
  • Iron - 1%
  • Diamond - 1%

Werewolf Hunters
The first type of Hunters specializes in hunting Werewolves.

Werewolf Trackers
A werewolf tracker will allow you to track a random werewolf for up to 30 minutes before it switches to a new target. If you succeed in killing your target, the tracker will select a new target if there is another werewolf online.
The tracker does not require the werewolf to be in werewolf form to track them.
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Silver Swords & Purity
To craft a silver sword you need to smelt a normal iron sword in a furnace. Purity deals 25% more damage per level.
Anyone can make one, but only a Hunter may wield it.
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If you want to have the purity enchant, then you must smelt the silver sword for a chance of adding it. Be warned though that there is a high chance the sword will burn to ash instead.

Vampire Hunters
The second type of Hunters specializes in hunting Vampires.

Holy water
Holy water requires the following:
  • An Altar of Light
  • 1 water bottle
  • 1 Lapis Lazuli
  • 1 Glowstone Dust
Once you have these simply left-click on the Altar of light whilst holding the water bottle.
Throwing a bottle of Holy Water onto a Vampire will do some serious damage.
Holy Water is a must-have item for Vampire Hunters as it is also used to bless a stake.

Vampire Trackers
A vampire tracker will allow you to track a random vampire for up to 30 minutes before it switches to a new target. If you succeed in killing your target, the tracker will select a new target if there is another vampire online.
The tracker does not require it to be night in order to track a vampire.
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Wooden Stakes & Blessing
Blessing deals +3 DMG per level.
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To be able to bless a stake you need the following:
  • An Altar of Light
  • 1 Holy water
  • 2 Diamond blocks
  • 2 Glowstone
Once you have all of these, left-click on the altar with your wooden stake to bless it.

As a Hunter, it is expected that you actually put in the effort and hunt supernatural creatures for the honor. Stooping to the low act of paying, bribing, or harassing other players into dying for you to gain easy honor from them is not allowed.
Getting players to die for you is considered to be feeding, and if you or your attacker/target is found feeding intentionally to benefit yourselves, both of you will face punishment.

This guide was made by Frosted_Angel, Chukwu, and RFSMassacre