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Guide Guide to Creative


Guide to Creative

Claiming Plots
To get a plot to build on, type “/plot auto”
This will teleport you to the nearest available plot, and claim it for you.

Another option is to find an unclaimed plot on your own, and then type “/plot claim” while inside the plot.

If you wish to remove your plot, you can delete it using “/plot delete”. You will need to “/plot confirm” it before it will actually delete.

Plot Management
/plot clear
Clear everything from your plot to start over. You need to confirm using “/plot confirm” before it will actually work.

/plot kick
Kicks a player from your plot. This does not stop them from returning though.

/plot middle
Teleports you to the centre of the plot.

/plot trust
Allow someone access to your plot, even while you are offline.

/plot add
Allow someone access to your plot, only while you are online. You must be in Creative or it does not count as being online.

/plot remove (playername)
Removes a player's access to your plot. Same thing as /plot untrust
Undo the deny command. Allows a player to enter your plot again.

/plot untrust
Removes a player's access to your plot. Same thing as /plot remove

/plot deny
Prevents a player from entering your plot. If they are on the plot when you issue the command, they will be sent to spawn.

/plot merge
Merge the plot you are standing in with another that you own.

/plot unlink
Unlink a merged plot.

/plot done
Mark the plot as finished.

/plot alias set/remove
Set or remove the name of the plot.

/plot sethome
Set the plot home to your current location

/plot biome
Lists all available biomes
Add biome name on the end and your plot will change to that biome.

/plot flag
/plot flag list

World Edit
To get access to world edit, you need to vote. This is to prevent people from just coming on the server and attempting to wreck everything using WE straight away.

To vote, you need to type “/vote” and links will appear in the chat.
Vote on as many of the websites as you want. Each vote will give you 1 token.
On the server, type “/voteshop” to spend your tokens.

There are 3 options for WE.
1 Token = 1 Hour
2 Tokens = 2 Hours
3 Tokens = 3 Hours

Ranking Up
In order to rank up, you need to spend time on Creative. The more time you spend online, the more you rank up. However, bypassing the AFK kicker is against the rules. You need to actually be playing.

You cannot skip any rank.

This is the first rank that new players start as.
You will have access to 1 plot

Total playtime of 3 hours.
You will have access to 2 plots

Total playtime of 9 hours
You will have access to 3 plots

Total playtime of 21 hours
You will have access to 4 plots

Total playtime of 36 hours.
You will have access to 5 plots

Total playtime of 54 hours.
You will have access to 6 plots

This guide was made by Frosted_Angel and TheGamerMinx