Accepted GodSaitama's Appeal


New member
User name: GodSaitama

What is your in-game name?
➥ GodSaitama

What type of punishment have your faced?
➥ Minecraft Perm Ban

When did this punishment happen?
➥ Feb 19, 2019

Who punished you?
➥ Idk

Why should we lift your punishment?
➥ u should life my punishment beacuse i will never do it again and i was autoclicking and got banned on that account and then bypassing on my alt i wont ever do it again because i was impatient and i matured now and i have patience and i wanted to upgrade my werewolf stuff and i had school and i was just in a bad mood but plz forgive me i wont ever do it again


Your appeal has been accepted, please read the rules when you first log on as they have changed. The BlaineAllenDC account will remain banned while the GodSaitama account will be unbanned.