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Complaints and Why Merfolk Feels Outclassed (+ Suggestions)


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I've seen a ton of complaints regarding how the merfolk supernatural is heavily outclassed talents-wise by other super-naturals, I have seen many forum posts and Discord suggestions including proposed changes and fixes to Merfolk. I don't think the problem is with the talents functionality (though some Merfolk talents are absolutely useless) but the way the talents are used, if the talents would be slightly change locations that the Merfolk effects take place in. The problem is with the other super-naturals that they have almost constant buffs from talents such as constant hunger Regen for vampire and increased armor durability damage for werewolf. Merfolk get very specific buffs that only work while doing a certain action in a single specific biome. Yes I understand it is a ocean specific class but the requirements for even the most basic of effects for Merfolk to even take place require way too specific of things, not to mention the fact that cooked salmon is your best food option which let alone is a downside in itself.
My Suggested Changes

•Make the Ocean Defender buffs last for a small amount of time after leaving water instead of almost instantly disapearing (15+ Seconds)

•Remove the Cleansing talent for Merfolk. The talent is completely useless with the removal of custom enchants.

•Change the Conduit Power talent because most Merfolk get the basic buffs from it already

•Move the Impaler talent to level 30. This is one of Merfolk's strongest talents and it should not be obtained only at level 15.

•Give Merfolk basic passive buffs like speed or jump boost to increase out of water mobility considering there is no debuffs to being on land.

Anyways I hope this gets considered and I hope these are not too big of changes to be implemented! I understand that there are a ton more things that should be changed but I feel like if you want to know more about that you should head over to Lord's post (AKA Mare)
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I think this should be added cause merfolk are kinda weak if they faced another supernatural like a ww or vamp.