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Changes to Staff


Changes to Staff

We have made changes to the way the staff team operates, and how players apply for a position on the staff team.

I apologize to all those that have been waiting for a response to their applications, but we were not accepting any while we were setting the server back up.
All current applications have been denied, and all applicants will need to apply again for the rank that they are after, with the new application formats.

The biggest change that we have made would be that Helpers will no longer be dealing with rule-breakers. Please do not apply for Helper expecting to be able to punish people. And don't apply just so you can ask us to let Helpers punish.
I know that a lot of you will probably now think that it is a useless rank, but let me assure you that it is not.
A Helper's main focus should be Helping everyone in the chat. This means answering questions about the game, and more specifically the server. (Do not ask Helpers to help you set up a server, or to give you items.) A Helper that answers players questions frees up a Mod (or higher rank) and allows them to do their jobs more effectively. They will also still have direct access to the rest of the staff and will be able to communicate easily and inform others when they are required to deal with situations.
One of the main benefits of becoming a Helper is an increased chance of getting Mod.

People now have the ability to apply directly for Mod. Applying for Mod will not be as easy as getting Helper, as the responsibilities and requirements will be quite different.
Mods will be the main enforcers of the rules, and as such they must be aware of what those are.

Please be patient during this trial period while we all adjust to these changes.