Accepted Arbit3r's Appeal


New member
User name: Arbit3r

What is your in-game name?
➥ Arbit3r

What type of punishment have your faced?
➥ Minecraft Perm Mute

When did this punishment happen?
➥ Oct 13, 2019

Who punished you?
➥ Chukwu

Why should we lift your punishment?
➥ You should lift my mute, although I was being disrespectful, I lost my cool. At the time people were being unhelpful, I was asking innocent questions, then they told me to google it, at the time it infuriated me, but that will no longer happen. I will no longer lose my cool, and just ignore the situation if it's like this one. I will abide by the rules, and apologize for what I have done.


Your appeal has been accepted.

Although you have been muted for a long time, you still have been an active member of the community regardless. You have shown us that you still are willing to be a part of NH.

However, I must warn you that if you break another rule after being unmuted, you will be banned from the community. This is your last chance, use it wisely.

Welcome back to the community.