AngstyRobin's Staff Application

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User name: AngstyRobin

What is your in-game name?
➥ AngstyRobin

Have you changed your name in the past? If you have, please list them all.
➥ Yes, I changed my name twice. My original name was dezandmabel, and then I changed it to Rose_Quartz. I plan on keeping it AngstyRobin.

Does anyone else have access to your Minecraft account?
➥ No

What is your real name?
➥ Robin Hardacre

How old are you?
➥ 17

What country are you currently living in and what time zone?
➥ United States, EST

What languages can you speak?
➥ English, French

Are you able to join our Discord server with a working microphone?
➥ Yes

Have you been our Discord server? If yes, what username do you go by on the New Heaven Discord?
➥ AngstyRobin#2408

Do you spend time on our Discord server in the voice channels talking with people?
➥ Yes

Have you worked with servers in the past? If so, what kind of position did you have? How long did you have that position? List the most recent ones.
➥ Yes, I've been Head Admin, but most recently I was moderator, about five months ago. I was Head Admin for a year, but I resigned. Eventually I reapplied for staff and got moderator, and that lasted for about 7 months before the server got shut down.

A player is insulting your knowledge after you gave them the wrong information accidentally. How do you respond?
➥ I reply politely but firmly, correcting myself and providing the correct information if possible. If I struggle to find the correct answer, I'll tell the player to contact another staff member via the Minecraft server, Discord server, or the forums on /website.

A player is accusing someone of hacking in global chat. How do you deal with it?
➥ I review the accused player's behavior and watch them carefully whilst telling the accusing player to report this incident through the forums and the #support channel on the Discord server.

A player is upset after being killed and is demanding their items back in the chat. How do you respond?
➥ I reply, telling them that items dropped when you die are protected during PvP combat, and that staff can't give your items back to you. The attacker isn't going to be punished for PvP because it's legal in Survival, but you can do your best to protect yourself from attackers in the future. I temporarily mute the player complaining about PvP.

A player is complaining that someone has stolen stuff from chests within their claim. What do you do?
➥ I investigate to buy time while I contact a higher staff member, seeing as helpers are there to watch over the server while higher staff are offline and watch out for major server problems. I tell the player who's been griefed to file a report on the forums on /website, or to talk to staff in the #support channel on Discord.

A player is asking how do they trust someone only to a section of their claim and not all of it. How do you go about helping the player?
➥ You must first be standing in your claim that YOU own. You must be holding a golden shovel and while it's in your hand, do /subdivideclaims to put your shovel in "subdivide claims mode", and then create subdivisions within your claim the same way you would create a regular claim- by right clicking the two blocks opposite of eachother at each end of the intended claim, or in this case, subdivision.

You become a werewolf and decide you want to become one of the Alphas. How do you go about achieving this?
➥ I decide not to because as a member of staff, no matter what rank, I shouldn't. There have been cases before where players used Alpha Werewolf Helpers to become Alpha by asking for help, letting the Helper teleport to them, and then kill the Helper.

A player is complaining that someone killed their animals within their claim. What do you do?
➥ I tell them to file a report on the forums or ask for support on the #support discord chat, making sure they tag a staff member other than helper rank. I will temp ban the player accused if it's true that they killed the player's animals on their claim.

Someone wants to know how do they switch their pet. How do you help that player?
➥ Do /pet help to find what command is suitable for the situation. If you need to switch pets, do /petswitch and select the pet you want to switch out. If you wanna store your pet, do /petstore. Non-donors only get one additional pet each time they rank up.

A player wants to know how to make a shop in spawn with their friend. What do you tell them?
➥ You need to at least be a Citizen rank and there has to be a stall/shop available to rent or purchase. If both conditions are met, do /warp marketplace and go up to the preferred available location for your shop. There should be a sign in front that states the price to buy the stall. If you have enough money, right click and then you own that shop. If you want to know how to use signs on chests to sell items in your shop, go to the Money Making Guide on the forums on /website.

Someone wants to know if Creative has WorldEdit. What is your reply?
➥ Creative DOES have WorldEdit, but not unlimited. You can vote for hours of WorldEdit by doing /vote and clicking the links provided in the chat.

A player has asked how plots in Creative work. What do you tell them?
➥ The higher the rank you are in Creative, the bigger plot size you receive. Your rank is based on your "skill" level of building, and if you're a non-donor, you only get one plot. If you are a donor, you receive a greater number of plots based on what rank you purchased with IRL currency. If you have multiple plots as a donor, you can merge the plots together if you choose.

People are teaming in KitPVP, and because of that certain players have started being toxic towards them in global chat. What do you do?
➥ I explain that teaming in KitPvP is allowed because there is a teaming system, but I tell the upset players to not be toxic towards others on the server, and especially not in Global chat.

Someone is spam advertising their server in global chat. What do you do?
➥ I kick them so they can't continue advertising their server on minecraft, and I immediately tell a staff member and have that staff member ban them.

Someone asks a question in the #support channel on Discord and then starts casually chatting in the same channel. What do you do?
➥ I will recommend to continue conversation in #general or #minecraft (if it's minecraft related) so as to not take up space in the support channel. The support channel is only for staff assistance and problem handling, not casual chitchat.

What do you believe is the most important part of being a Helper?
➥ I believe the most important part of being a Helper is looking out for other staff members and being of the upmost assistance in heavy situations. Helpers should be kind, patient, but firm and enforce the rules of the server while other staff members are offline and contact higher staff members for assistance when the problem is out of the Helper's reach. A Helper should be a community builder and set a good example for other players, and provide support whenever it's needed.
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