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All PTS Talents List


In PTS your resources are generally limited due to it being near vanilla survival, so its hard to know what race has what other than the basic "vamp,,,bbat" or "merman.... swim". Im not sure if its OK for me to slap this down here but seeing as there are non-admin posts here im taking it as OK

Passives -
Batform (/v t) (One tapped by ANY damage, unable to interact with the world but has creative mode flight)
Speed I Jump II
No Fall Damage
Truce with *most* hostile mobs (See Current Guide To Vampires)
Hunger works as current Undead Vampires does
O2 Goes down, but does not take suffocation damage (from water, gravel/sand still hurts)

Tier I - Level 0

Bloodlust - Passive - Gain 25% Lifesteal against other players
Shadowveil - Passive - When indoors you gain an extra 1 HP per 2 seconds. Does not work on empty hunger
Predator - Passive - When killing a human you replenish your health fully. (This does NOT apply to killing other vamps, merfolk., or WW)

Tier II - Level 15

Swarm - Passive - Transforming into a bat summons a swarm of bats (They vanish after around 5 seconds, and can function as meatshields and block hits if you get lucky)

Dark intent - Passive - The chances of infecting a human increase by 25%

Loud Shriek - Active - Shrieking gives nearby players Nausea II for 10 Seconds.

Tier III - Level 30

Pounce - Passive - Landing on a target will damage them based off how far you have fallen
Undead - Passive - When below 50% HP you gain Resistance II
Heartbeat - Passive - You gain Speed III when near a player with less than 25% HP

Tier IV - Level 60

Summoner - When killing a player a zombie with their equipment is spawned, it will not drop items.
Daywalker - Slows down radiation (How fast you burn in sunlight) by 50%
Quenched - When drinking blood you gain Strength for 30 seconds, Strength I for animal blood Strength II for human blood


Tier I - Level 0
Rain Dancer - Gain Speed I on land during rain
Fisherman- Killing fish mobs will drop double amounts of fish
Ocean Defender- While swimming in ocean biomes you gain Strength and Regeneration II

Tier II - Level 15
Cautious- Players gain poison when melee attacking you for 10 seconds
New Moon- Every New Moon, you gain Resistance II
Impaler- Damaging enemies with a trident deals double damage

Tier III - Level 30
Satiated- Eating fish will give extra saturation
Siren Song- Singing gives nearby players Blindness
Cleansing- Swimming in water will cure negative potion effects

Tier IV - Level 60
Diver- While swimming you gain Dolphin's Grace
Looter- You have an extra 3% chance of drowneds dropping a trident
Underwater Architect- While swimming or on land you gain conduit power

I couldnt find anyone who actually plays WW in PTS So I have no idea what they have, if you are by some miracle a WW there LMK and tell me your perks and passives


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While playing as a merfolk, i was unable to find a cure to become a human again. Please let me know if you have a cure and how it will be implemented to the new update


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Tier 1 - Level 0
Witherfang - This talent will give you speed and haste when in monster form.
Silvermane - This talent will give you regeneration when in monster form.
Bloodmoon - This talent will give you strength in monster form.

Tier 2 - Level 15
Shred Meat - Killing cattle drops and an extra piece of meat.
Thick Skin - When transforming you gain resistance two for 30 seconds.
Feral Intent - The chance of infecting a human increases by 25%. (only in werewolf form)

Tier 3 - Level 30
Gouge - Causes a bleeding effect on enemies 35% of the time for 5 seconds.
Alpha Call - Auto tames nearby wild wolves when you howl. (only in werewolf form)
Sharp Claws - Damages durability on armor by an extra 10 durability. (only in werewolf form)

Tier 4 - Level 60
Hybrid - A weaker form of your powers activate in human form too.
Rabies - Your attacks have a 10% chance to crit for an extra 100% damage. (only in werewolf form)
Incapacitate - Your attacks now slow down enemies with slowness 2 for 5 seconds. (only in werewolf form)

Merfolk cure


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Does turning into a bat as a vamp with swarm chosen make it so you only can be a bat for a few seconds or does it allow you to become a bat like normal with the added swarm function?
Does turning into a bat as a vamp with swarm chosen make it so you only can be a bat for a few seconds or does it allow you to become a bat like normal with the added swarm function?
You can still fly around like normal it just spawns a swarm of temporary bats when you activate bat form.


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Oh good. Thank you for the info, I was afraid i'd lvl up for nothing only to find I can only fly for a few seconds at a time.


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While playing as a werewolf, I found that when I transform, others see the new reskin of me as a ww, but to me, i look normal. Is this a bug that needs to be fixed? Please let me know.


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Does the werewolf bleeding effect work like the poison effect, or does it negate the protection enchantment? Poison can have no effect on a player if they are wearing prot 4 gear, but does the bleeding effect work the same?