Accepted Absol___'s Report


New member
User name: CareFang

What is your in-game name?
➥ CareFang

How can we contact you? Provide your Discord name and ID.
➥ CareFang#5711

What platform did this happen on?
➥ Survival

Whom are you reporting?
➥ Absol___

What rules did they break?
➥ Rule #17

Describe the offense.
➥ he took from my chests without my permission he was only to build in the area i let him and he took from my claims chest will XStormy_Kun was there. how ever cause of this i don't have a image as i wasn't on at the time. Frost was there as a witness but couldn't punish him as i wasn't on.

Provide proof if you have any.


Both myself and Mordin have looked into this report. We have both come to the same conclusion, and that is that Absol did not steal from you.

Frost was there as a witness but couldn't punish him as i wasn't on.
I was there at the time this happened, dealing with another situation. However, it is not that I couldn't punish, its that I wouldn't.
At the time it simply appeared as if Stormy was claiming that absol was stealing in order to get me to force absol out. He was not the claim owner and therefore could not decide who was and wasn't allowed to touch stuff. I told him this and then went back to dealing with the other situation.

Having been there at the time the theft reportedly happened, I know that the following information is true. However, in order to make sure no one claims I have been biased in any way, all of this is also confirmed by myself and Mordin going through the chest logs to see what was put in, what was taken out, and when it happened.

The only items taken from the chest by Absol were items that Stormy had just put in. Stormy got those items from killing Absol. Therefore he was not stealing, simply taking his own items back. As he was trusted to the claim, he had every right to do so.