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About fire button


New member
Hi, idk if it's the best place to write about it, but I don't know where to write and so I can make a suggestion.
Recently I got banned by auto click (and probably you won't believe me) but I wasn't. I appeal here and I was banned for just a week (thanks for that) but was said they have evidence about it. I thought very time with a cooler ( cold) head and I have a idea about what could happened. As I got banned probably a time after the occurance, I don't thought about this possiblity, but now I think this probably get atencion of adms: I was killing endermans and to do that I try to use my button of mouse of fire (it's a button connected to a transistor that you can hold and it will click, stop, click stop) this type of mouse is sold at high scale, and how it's a mechanical change and at mine I can't hurt the enemy if I don't wait the coldown (Idk the spelling, sorry about that) I assume it was allowed.
So, as my ban was changed, I just want ask to show that we can't use the fire button at rules (add mouse fire button at rule about hacking like resources packs or mods was)
Well, thank you for atencion. I'm excited to back game


It falls under an autoclicker, as you stated, It clicks without you having to click every time, thus it's an autoclicker, I'd suggest no longer using it as it'll probably get you banned, granted I'm no longer a staff member so that' just my opinion, there is a suggestions section on the forums that you can use, so if you are wanting to genuinely suggest this I'd suggest moving it to that section of the forums.