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  1. Nelenna

    Denied Nelenna's Helper App.

    What is your in-game name? ➥Nelenna Have you changed your name in the past? If you have, please list them all. ➥Yes, but they are really embarrassing so here we go. 1) tatertot0224 2) Tatertot0224 3) KawaiiBunnyYT 4) GalaxySylveon, and then my user today, 5) Nelenna Does anyone else have...
  2. Nelenna

    Slime Fun

    What is your in-game name? ➥Nelenna How can we contact you? Provide your Discord name and ID. ➥Nelenna#9184 What gamemode/platform do you want this implemented? (Discord, Survival, Creative, KitPVP) ➥Survival What would you want implemented? ➥The Slime Fun plugin. if you do add this it will...