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  1. RFSMassacre

    Denied log_109's Appeal

    You were muted for discrimination and insulting another player. Do not try to lie on your appeal next time.
  2. RFSMassacre

    Denied SilverShotX's Appeal

    After looking through the anti-cheat logs and how you and your group of friends interacted with my staff, I've decided not to unban you. I do not condone disrespect or harassment towards my staff members for any reason. This is also on top of the fact that the anti-cheat detected a hack so...
  3. RFSMassacre

    Network Remake - New Heaven 2.0 Incoming

    Network Remake - New Heaven 2.0 Incoming Due to extremely complicated circumstances, the server machine is being shut down for good under our current host. We’re currently preparing our new machine with a more secure host. Our server machine has been flagged on a protection network, so our...
  4. RFSMassacre

    Accepted Andrewthebooger]='s Appeal

    Your appeal has been approved. Please be aware that breaking rules a second time will result in a permanent ban without a chance to appeal.
  5. RFSMassacre

    Survival Change- Grindstones

    This isn't a feature, it's a bug with EnchantsPlus that needs to be fixed by the dev of that plugin. We haven't heard a response from them yet so we just have to wait.
  6. RFSMassacre

    Survival Is Now Official 1.15.1 - New Community Event

    Survival Is Now Official 1.15.1 - New Community Event First off, we are happy to announce that Survival is now officially 1.15.1, so now you can chase bees to your heart's content. We've also added ProtocolSupport to allow 1.14.4 to continue joining Survival until Optifine is fully released...
  7. RFSMassacre

    Accepted Dante✿'s Appeal

    Your appeal has been approved. As long as you follow the rules and do not cause any more issues with other people you're more than welcomed to come back.
  8. RFSMassacre

    Christmas Sale - 25% Off Everything

    Christmas Sale - 25% Off Everything This year's Christmas Sale starts now until the 4th of January. Everything will be 25% off, so if you're looking to upgrade your rank, don't miss this opportunity. There will also be a new announce over this year's Christmas Event soon so stay tuned for that.
  9. RFSMassacre

    Upcoming Update

    Upcoming Update Just a reminder to everyone that has been keeping up with our upcoming plans: we are updating to 1.15.1 very soon. We anticipate it to be by the end of next week if our vault plugin is updated. Many players told us that they would rather wait until the vault plugin is updated...
  10. RFSMassacre

    Accepted killerbunny586's Appeal

    Apologies, I thought an admin would have responded by now. You're unbanned since the sentence for most offenses like hacking tends to be for one week. Next time you are caught doing this there is no chance to appeal.
  11. RFSMassacre

    No one: Mojang: *watches the Bee movie 30 times until they add Barry B. Benson into Minecraft*

    No one: Mojang: *watches the Bee movie 30 times until they add Barry B. Benson into Minecraft*
  12. RFSMassacre

    Supernatural Overhaul

    Supernatural Overhaul Due to the huge impact these changes are going to have for the gameplay of Survival, I've decided to lay out the changes on an announcement. These changes aim to make werewolves more viable and remove the stresses of being a vampire. We aren't altering anything to do with...
  13. RFSMassacre

    Economy Update (v. 2.0.1)

    Economy Update (v. 2.0.1) We're starting with version number 2.0.1 in this update due to the fact our economy has changed drastically since 1.14.4. So the previous changes are considered to be part of 2.0, this is now 2.0.1. To read these patch notes effectively, they are set up with the buy...
  14. RFSMassacre

    Sainthood > Chan Clan

    Sainthood > Chan Clan
  15. RFSMassacre

    Welcome Back To Eden

    Welcome Back To Eden Old players remember when we first unveiled the dimension but it was shut down after the world generator broke after 1.13.2 came out. We're announcing that we've finally managed to get the generator working and Eden is fully functional once again! However, we have some...
  16. RFSMassacre

    Minecraft Rules

    Minecraft Rules Explained Remember that joining the New Heaven Minecraft Network means you agree to abide by these rules. Not reading these rules in detail does not excuse you from the consequences of breaking any of these rules for any reason. Staff members do not seek to punish players for no...
  17. RFSMassacre

    Denied CatWithoutTheHat's Report

    What kit was he using? Some kits hit harder using certain spells together. [EDIT] I was told he was using the Viking kit and using the Frenzy relic combined. This means the Demoralize spell bypasses armor while Frenzy increases the damage by 35%. This is a natural occurrence in the game and not...
  18. RFSMassacre

    Halloween mcMMO XP Event!

    Halloween mcMMO XP Event! For the Halloween season, we're running our very first mcMMO XP event. From now until November 1st, all XP rates for mcMMO is doubled. Try to grind before the event is over. If you like these kinds of events, let me know!
  19. RFSMassacre

    Denied gtaandrei's Appeal

    Your appeal has been denied again and your account on the forums has been suspended due to breaking rules in Minecraft by bypassing your ban and spamming the forums. If you're such a nice guy, you can find another community to play with.
  20. RFSMassacre

    Accepted PinkP0tato's Appeal

    Your appeal has been approved due to good behavior. You're given a final opportunity that you can be a decent member of the community. If you remain calm in confrontations, I'm certain you will be able to follow the rules. This is included on Discord as well.