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Minecraft Rules

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Minecraft Rules (Explained)

Remember that joining the New Heaven Minecraft Network means you agree to abide by these rules. Not reading these rules in detail does not excuse you from the consequences of breaking any of these rules for any reason. Staff members do not seek to punish players for no reason. They are there to ensure that everyone has a good environment to play the game. These rules are subject to change at any time so remember to regularly check back to this page. If you see a player break any of these rules while a staff member is not online, you are expected to report it on the forums or Discord server so it can be properly handled. If you do not report incidents we will be unable to fix them.

If you feel like you've been unjustly punished or you wish to get a second chance to return to the community, feel free to submit an appeal at the Appeal Section of the forums.

Courtesy Rules
Rule #1
Always be respectful to others.

Insulting, disregarding someone’s feelings, and toxic actions such as these are considered disrespect.

Rule #2
Do not scam other players.
Scamming is tricking players into giving items or spending their money on something they did not buy. This includes trying to keep both the items and money or refusing to give their part of the transaction.

Rule #3
Do not impersonate staff or other players.
Using similar nicknames, using someone’s skin, or pretending to actually be someone else can get you in trouble.

Rule #4
Do not bypass the swear filter.
Typing in spaced out letters, misspelling, or using L33T speak is considered bypassing the swear filter if the purpose is to send a swear. If they want to see swears they need to toggle off their swear filter using /tf.

Global Rules
Rule #1
Do not harass others for any reason.
Harassment is defined as persistently disturbing, bothering, or disrespecting someone. Things like constantly insulting, spreading rumors, and many more can fall under this definition.

Rule #2
Do not discriminate against others for any reason.
Using any form of slurs or offensive content against a group of people in the real world is considered a huge offense. This can mean anywhere from calling someone a racial slur to building swastikas and other offensive builds.

Rule #3
No offensive usernames, nicknames, or skins.
Using a username or nickname that offends other people is not permitted. This includes offensive skins. Things like using slurs or references to hate speech. It doesn’t matter if it’s a joke. Anything discriminatory or overtly sexual is not allowed.

Rule #4
No explicit sexual content in public areas.
Describing and going into detail about sexual acts is not appropriate for a Minecraft server. No one needs to know about someone’s personal life in that way. This also includes builds that depict sexual acts. However, simply stating words like “sex” or “penis” in a regular context that is not overtly sexual is permissible.

Rule #5
No hard drug references.
A lot of medical products classified as drugs are usually legal and alright to talk about in most contexts. We used to have a major dispute concerning marijuana as it is not legal in all parts of the world, but we are reclassifying the rule from “illegal drugs” to “hard drugs.” Addictive and/or abuse of drugs should not be on a Minecraft server. Drugs like heroin, meth, and cocaine are examples of this rule. Marijuana is not considered a hard drug under this definition. (This does not mean you can freely talk about getting high in public areas.)

Rule #6
Do not flood the chat in any way.
It is considered flooding the chat when players are sending messages too fast, filling the screen with random characters, or pasting in lengthy messages. This is also included in things like TPA request spam and ChestShop notification spam.

Rule #7
Do not attempt to bring players to another server or realm.
If it is clear that their intent is to bring them from New Heaven to another Minecraft server or Discord server, then it is considered advertising. This doesn’t matter if an IP address or link was used or not.

Rule #8
Do not publicly accuse someone of hacking. Report it to the staff.
When a player makes a public dispute or accusation against another player for cheating or hacking, it is considered breaking this rule as it will make the job of catching said hacker more difficult.

Rule #9
No hacking in any way including but not limited to unfair modifications and unfair resource packs.
Cheating by using unfair modifications or resource packs to give yourself a higher advantage over other players is not allowed for any reason. This includes adding an x-ray modification or an x-ray resource pack. If you are caught cheating, you will be removed from the community. There are a few specific modifications that are allowed, though:
  • Optifine
  • Shaders
  • 5zig
  • Minimaps without radars
  • Schematica without auto-building features

Rule #10
No exploiting bugs or unintended side effects.
Abusing bugs, exploits, or unintended side effects for your advantage is never allowed. This includes but is not limited to exploiting the economy, glitching into bases, bypassing PVP protections, and usage of 0 tick farms. You are expected to report all bugs you find in the game. This is so we can ensure the game works as intended. They can be reported by messaging a staff member, submitting a report on the Report Section, or posting it in the #bugs channel on our Discord server.

Rule #11
Do not use alternate accounts to interact with your other accounts.
Alternate accounts are generally not recommended as staff members can become suspicious of said accounts in the event the player bypasses punishments. If you choose to use an alternate account, it must be used like an entirely independent character to play another aspect of the server. You cannot use this to interact with your other accounts or use them to benefit another account. Any sort of progression like money, items, claims, etc. cannot be shared between accounts. Being caught doing this will get your accounts banned from the network.

Rule #12
Do not bypass punishments.
If you have been punished, then there is a reason for it. If you believe it was unfair, appeal it.
Using any method to communicate while muted is bypassing.
Finding a way onto the server while banned is bypassing.

Rule #13
Do not bypass the AFK kicker. Remain in the Hub if you are going to be away from your keyboard.
Being AFK is simply not being physically present or responsive at your keyboard. If a player is not talking, moving, or performing an action in the game, they are considered to be AFK. When someone goes AFK they should either move to the Hub before doing so or let the game move you safely to the Hub. Any form of AFK machine, whether built or used, can get you in trouble.

Rule #14
Do not lag the servers in any way.
Anything that causes FPS or TPS lag is not allowed and will be removed without warning once found. This includes but is not limited to over-spawning entities, massive redstone circuits, fast circuits, or abusing plugin features. If you are using an auto farm or redstone circuit, it must have an off switch.

Rule #15
Do not log off to avoid combat or death.
Combat logging is when players log off to avoid combat, meaning they do not have to actually be in combat at the time. The amount of time before or during combat is not as important as the action of logging off or switching servers before dying. A rough example would be within 30 seconds of being in combat or leaving as soon as you know there’s an enemy player near you. This rule is on a case by case basis so remember that it might not be a consistent punishment.

Rule #16
Seek a Helper or Mod when finding support. Do not skip to the Owner.
Players who do not follow the chain of command will be kindly redirected to a Helper or Moderator. In most cases, the Owners will not respond or will redirect them.

Rule #17
Do not interfere in staff business.
If staff are aware of a situation, then they are most likely in the process of investigating and dealing with it. Anyone butting in and telling staff how to do their jobs, or trying to pressure them into dealing with it the way the players want, is not acceptable as it makes it harder to deal with.

Survival Rules
Rule #1
Do not steal or grief from other people’s claims.
We use an extensive claiming plugin to protect all of your builds and chests. You MUST claim everything that is yours to protect it from being griefed or destroyed. If it is not claimed and it gets destroyed or robbed, staff cannot do anything about it as it's your responsibility to protect it initially. However, players are not allowed to destroy or steal from claims they are trusted to. If this happens, immediately report it so a staff member can punish the griefer or thief and roll back the claim to its original state.

Rule #2
Do not claim with malicious intent.
Claims are meant to protect your builds and chests. Claims cannot prevent the expansion of other claims or in spite of other players. If this happens, you can report it and a staff member can look into it. If deemed malicious, the claim will be removed without warning.

Rule #3
Do not set homes with malicious intent.
Homes are meant to be used to go back to places regularly. Using a set-home to return to a fight, ambush, harass, etc. is not allowed. If you set a home near a claim you are not trusted to, it can be seen as malicious. Homes deemed malicious will be removed without warning. It is safe to just set homes to areas you own and remove homes from claims you are no longer trusted to.

Creative Rules
Rule #1
Do not use custom items from hacked clients or other servers.
The use of custom items, whether from another server or from a hacked client, is not allowed as they are often used to crash the server or cause other problems. This means things like server creepers and kill/troll potions are not allowed.

Rule #2
Do not grief other people’s plots.
We use an extensive plot system in order to protect people’s claims and show off people’s builds. You are able to build one someone’s plot if they add you or trust you to it, but it is against this rule to destroy or grief the build or plot. This is also the case even if you are not added or trusted to the plot.
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