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    Denied V_id's Appeal

    Stained glass in the sky. You can wait out the punishment.
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    Accepted Kataku_'s Report

    Thank you for the report however there is not enough proof to show that it was not connection issues.
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    Denied V_id's Report

    While calling someone dumb may be rude that one insult is a major waste of staffs time. If you get more proof of harassment please create another thread.
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    Denied Absol's Report

    You can fly through that window easily. The iron bars are not between two blocks so it counts as a tiny thin single bar which you can fly right around with elytra.
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    Accepted GodSaitama's Appeal

    Your appeal has been accepted, please read the rules when you first log on as they have changed. The BlaineAllenDC account will remain banned while the GodSaitama account will be unbanned.
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    log_109's Bug Report

    Thanks for the report however this change was implemented intentionally. Some changes were made to the werewolf race. Werewolves: Offensive and defensive stats no longer are dynamic based on level. All werewolves have maxed stats as soon as they are infected. The transformation level...
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    Denied Boris_the_beerchu's Appeal

    Due to the extensive history of your account this appeal will be denied at this time. Try appealing again in the future when more time has passed.
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    Accepted seanrobertson's Appeal

    Your ban has been changed to a temp ban until October 28th at the time of posting this to complete a full 3 month ban. This will be your last chance, make sure you read ALL the rules before playing.
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    Accepted seanrobertson's Appeal

    What do you mean by punishment Jan 1st 1970?
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    Accepted Nicuvrio's Appeal

    Your appeal has been accepted. Make sure to read all the rules when you join as many have changed.
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    Accepted LikeSoo's Appeal

    Your appeal and apology is accepted. I ask that you please reread the rules to have a better understanding of them. If I came off as disrespectful that was not my intent. I temp banned you outright because you seemed to find it hilarious that you did it and were bragging about it to another...
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    Accepted PrinceGaming1806's Appeal

    It was a temporary ban. You have 14 hours and 35 minutes until it expires and you can rejoin the server.
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    Accepted LikeSoo's Appeal

    You said in a msg to a player that you used /hub to get out. Which is instant and abuses the system. You then logged on with an alt to yell at me that you didn't do those things right after bragging about them on your likeso account. It is against the rules to use a alt so I simply stated what I...
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    Accepted bluejayloli's Appeal

    Your appeal has been accepted. Please speak to me when you rejoin the server.
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    Denied bluejayloli's Appeal

    You were banned for X-Ray. I believe it tells you that when you try to log on. You can still appeal it however.