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The New Director

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The New Director
Hi, I'm Vinpin21 (many of the older and some of the new players may know me was Santa). I have been appointed the servers Community Director. Now, what does a Community Director do I hear you asking? Well the Community Director is in charge of listening to the community and giving feedback / creating changes to the server to reflect what the community wants. Roles like Manager will handle and control the staff / enforce the rules while the Community Director will focus on content related things such as player suggestions for balancing, content ideas, and new builds. If you feel like you want to discuss any ideas with me DM me and talk with me about them and I'll make sure they get considered to be added to the server. Popular ideas will have a better chance at making it so make sure you give me your opinion. As a warning I do not have anything to do with punishments and therefore cannot and will not handle punishments or...

4th of July Sale - 20% Off Everything!

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4th of July Sale - 20% Off Everything!
To celebrate Independence Day in the United States, we're having a sale! Everything is 20% off until the end of July 8th. If you were planning on getting anything in the donation shop, I recommend getting it before the sale ends. Our coupon code for Delta rank (DELTA10) will be active during the sale with a minimum basket value of $20, so it might be smart to include the Delta rank to your cart. Anyway, have a happy 4th of July, everyone!

Coupon Code DELTA10 - $10 Off Delta Rank

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Coupon Code DELTA10 - $10 Off Delta Rank
To try to encourage people to get the Delta rank, we've made a coupon code for it. It'll be valid until the next sale. Use code DELTA10 for $10 off Delta rank at the checkout page on our Donation Shop. (This will also work for both full purchase and rank upgrades.)

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I am so happy I only have two hours left at work, today has been insane. For those aware of how OGP works at Walmart when I came in at nine we had 5200+ picks, and as of now we are at 500ish. Like YUSSS T^T
if you see this try to share it with zelus or other staff and tell them sleepysloo already posted a mute appeal
The fact that the topic of adding the Merpeople race is a thing is amazing
If it works out think of all the different races that could be created for the game as long as we all have the imaginations to create them as a community
hi everyone im new on the forums


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