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Survival 1.14.4 Official Release

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Survival 1.14.4 Official Release!
After a long night of last-minute checks, fixes, and changes, I'm proud to announce that Survival 1.14.4 is officially open. Please refer to the previous post for information on how to leave spawn and some important notes: ( ).

We are going to start out with a 100K block world border in all directions. We ask that everyone doesn't mindlessly generate new chunks. If you're gonna travel, then do it with a purpose. Don't just fly your elytra border to border for no reason. Right now it's a bit of an issue but when we are confirmed that any of the old data is no longer needed, we will have more space.

Make sure to go to the Library and speak to the Guard NPC at the Town Square in spawn if you need help understanding the game or need help leaving spawn!

As per donations go, the management team and I have not yet finished...

Survival 1.14.4 Release Date

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Survival 1.14.4 Release Date
It's here, everyone! We're officially reaching a close to the development of Survival's 1.14.4 release. The expected release date is Friday, August 23rd, 2019.

And before everyone starts to ask, let me run a few things down. Survival's 1.13 progress will not be carried over into 1.14 due to several things:
  • The world-save being over 210 GBs big and we need to cut down on data in order to have enough space on our server machine.
  • Converting chunk data into 1.14 still won't generate the new structures unless you travel farther than 3 million blocks because of people who have traveled that far out.
  • Converting chunk data into 1.14 had a huge chance for corrupted chunks.
  • Many players already have maxed out their progression and requested for progress not to carry over to give everyone a fresh start.
Many of the long-time players may have remembered we have done this for a few major Minecraft...

Constant Questions

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Constant Questions

To those that are constantly fishing for details whenever we are working on anything, and especially with this new update:

Instead of insisting that Rene, or any member of staff, tell you everything right away when you demand it, why not wait until things are actually decided and announced, and try reading both discord and the forums for the updates we provide.
Any information provided by announcements that we post will be much more reliable than any information that you force out of Rene by annoying him until he gives in. It is a nuisance and is bordering on harassment when you ask to the point where it becomes impossible to achieve anything until you shut up.
We will occasionally provide false information to those that are too impatient to wait like the rest. If we do not provide the information in announcements at any point, then chances are that we wanted it to be a surprise. You constantly asking until your...

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