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4th of July Sale - 20% Off Everything!

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4th of July Sale - 20% Off Everything!
To celebrate Independence Day in the United States, we're having a sale! Everything is 20% off until the end of July 8th. If you were planning on getting anything in the donation shop, I recommend getting it before the sale ends. Our coupon code for Delta rank (DELTA10) will be active during the sale with a minimum basket value of $20, so it might be smart to include the Delta rank to your cart. Anyway, have a happy 4th of July, everyone!

Coupon Code DELTA10 - $10 Off Delta Rank

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Coupon Code DELTA10 - $10 Off Delta Rank
To try to encourage people to get the Delta rank, we've made a coupon code for it. It'll be valid until the next sale. Use code DELTA10 for $10 off Delta rank at the checkout page on our Donation Shop. (This will also work for both full purchase and rank upgrades.)

New Helper Application Format

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New Helper Application Format!

We have created a new application format for anyone wishing to be a Helper!
The old format was getting just a little out of date and was in desperate need of updating to keep with the current times. The new format now better reflects the new rules and procedures that we have in place.
The new format can be found in the exact same place as the old one. In the Staff Applications just click the Staff Form button at the top and then fill out the form.

For anyone who wishes to apply, don't be discouraged by the number of questions as a lot of it is to test your general knowledge of how the server works. Also, keep in mind that we are only accepting applications for the position of Helper, so make sure you keep your answers relevant to a Helper's position.

To all those that have a current application, we ask that you make a new one with the new format and we will remove your old one...

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