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Christmas Sale - 25% Off Everything

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Christmas Sale - 25% Off Everything

This year's Christmas Sale starts now until the 4th of January. Everything will be 25% off, so if you're looking to upgrade your rank, don't miss this opportunity. There will also be a new announce over this year's Christmas Event soon so stay tuned for that.

Upcoming Update

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Upcoming Update
Just a reminder to everyone that has been keeping up with our upcoming plans: we are updating to 1.15.1 very soon. We anticipate it to be by the end of next week if our vault plugin is updated. Many players told us that they would rather wait until the vault plugin is updated but we are only waiting until the end of the week for it. If it does not update, we will keep the data and reinstall it for 1.15.1 when the update finally comes out. (Just to mention, there will be NO RESET this update for 1.15.X coming up now nor 1.16.X in the future.)

This means for everyone to remove your items in your player shops AND your player vaults. You have one week to do so or else you will lose your items in your player shop or you will have your items locked in your vault until the plugin updates. Be quick because we're trying to get the update out as soon as possible.

Supernatural Overhaul

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Supernatural Overhaul

Due to the huge impact these changes are going to have for the gameplay of Survival, I've decided to lay out the changes on an announcement. These changes aim to make werewolves more viable and remove the stresses of being a vampire. We aren't altering anything to do with humans and hunters, though.


  • Offensive and defensive stats no longer are dynamic based on level. All werewolves have maxed stats as soon as they are infected.
  • The transformation level requirement is now 30 instead of 25.​
  • At level 25, werewolves will get level 1 versions of beneficial buffs in human form depending on which clan you are in.​
  • Full moons now level up to 5 levels while you are outside instead of 2.5.​

  • Level loss is now removed from the game.
  • Vampire ranks are now purely cosmetic so the...

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