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New Heaven

Server Migration Complete!

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Server Migration Complete!

The server has been backed up (from around 6 PM EST today) and transferred to the new host in NY. This means progress done after 6 PM is not able to be transferred. So far the connection has been great and a few people that had bad connection issues before no longer have them. I hope you guys are understanding about the migration. There is no reset and all the data has been copied.

Over the course of the next hour, the IP will switch to the new host. Once done, we will ensure if anyone lost any purchases from the donation shop today that they will be given back. Let me know on Discord or if you see me online about this happens to you so we can resolve ASAP.

Creative Setup - Community Poll

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Creative Setup - Community Poll
Hello to everyone on New Heaven! Today I've been working on the setup for the Creative server. I've gotten stuck at a crossroads between two systems that will make Creative work well and is more fun for everyone. So, as suggested by the staff, I have turned it into a community poll. All you need to do is read this thread, sign in, and vote at the top of the thread. Now let me explain the two systems:

Point Based System
Points would be earned through playtime by simply being online. Donors would earn more points than free players per 15 minutes. In this system, to earn a plot you simply need to pay a number of points to do so. Claiming your first plot with a custom command will make your first plot free. Merging multiple plots together would cost half of claiming a new plot. Unclaiming a plot would give back a quarter of what you paid for. This means you can potentially earn an unlimited number of plots...

Changes to Staff

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Changes to Staff

We have made changes to the way the staff team operates, and how players apply for a position on the staff team.

I apologize to all those that have been waiting for a response to their applications, but we were not accepting any while we were setting the server back up.
All current applications have been denied, and all applicants will need to apply again for the rank that they are after, with the new application formats.

The biggest change that we have made would be that Helpers will no longer be dealing with rule-breakers. Please do not apply for Helper expecting to be able to punish people. And don't apply just so you can ask us to let Helpers punish.
I know that a lot of you will probably now think that it is a useless rank, but let me assure you that it is not.
A Helper's main focus should be Helping everyone in the chat. This means answering questions about the game, and more specifically the server. (Do not ask...

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