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Minecraft's 10th Birthday - 25% Off

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Minecraft's 10th Birthday - 25% Off

Today is officially the 10th anniversary of Minecraft! Big day to celebrate so we're running a sale for 25% off everything in the donation shop. This sale ends a week from today so make sure you take advantage of it. Happy birthday, Minecraft and Mojang! Sorry for it being so sudden. :p

Network Now Supports 1.14.1

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Network Now Supports 1.14.1
Quick announcement: the network now supports 1.14.1. This means you can join with the latest client. We hastily made it available as the new update came out. This also means Vanilla is 1.14.1 and we HOPE that it fixes the previous lag spikes with saving chunks and when traveling to the Nether. If you notice any bugs such as lighting or menus not having proper titles, please bear with it while it gets fixed. If you notice lag spikes on Vanilla, please let us know in the comment section.

Survival Vote System Update

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Survival Vote System Update
We finally got around to setting up the crates to be choosable instead of random. Instead of relying on crate specific keys, we are using general vote tokens that can open any crate from the Gambler NPC in town or by typing /crates. Each crate now has a colorful roulette styled animation. It may annoy some players while others might enjoy it. Either way, we hope you guys enjoy this system a lot more and continue voting for New Heaven!

The old crates will be left up for those of you who still haven't spent all of your specific keys. You should hurry up and use them because we will eventually remove them and just have the NPC up. And yes, we were very considerate of you guys this time around since a quick change to the system out of nowhere caused a bit of backlash. We learned our lesson.

Special thanks for all the voters for supporting us!

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