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New Heaven

Brewery Recipe Release

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Brewery Recipe Release

First off, I would like to thank you guys for your patience while I went through the plugin, learned how it works, rewrote all the default recipes to be unique to New Heaven, added a few more recipes, tested them, implemented them, and wrote the guide/recipe book.

A few people have recently complained that the plugin was broken, which is what prompted me to speed up and post the guide/recipe book. I would just like to say that the plugin was not broken, it's just that everyone was trying to use out-dated recipes despite me posting that they were being changed. The recipes themselves have been in since before the last reset, I just hadn't gotten around to posting the recipes.

The guide for brewery can be found here which I posted earlier this week.

The recipes are on a different post which can be found...

Personal Update

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Personal Update
This is going to be a very personal update that I feel I need to share with the rest of the community as it will affect how I will be operating New Heaven in the coming months. My mother has passed away yesterday and it's been hard on my sister and me. We spent a lot of time talking to her over the phone but because of the COVID-19 crisis, we weren't allowed to see her in person up until she started end of life treatment. We wish we had more time to at least give her the meal she loves the most because she complained about how horrible the hospital food was. I will be shifting my focus on arranging the funeral and burial for my mother. So please do not seek me out for Minecraft, website, or Discord help. I have a staff team that will cover that for you.

We weren't able to afford rent, utilities, and food if we had life insurance added onto that bill. We thought she would still be with us for maybe another several...

Website Overhaul

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Website Overhaul
The website has a brand new theme that matches the donation shop. Some may like it, some may not, but it brings a lot more practicality to the website. We've also made some major changes in order to reduce bots and essentially keep the server for players invested into the community. On the side of the page, you can change the color of the theme and you can join the Discord server through the new Discord button. New viewers can also click to copy the IP of the server.

The only way to register an account on the website is to log onto the Minecraft server and type /register. This keeps all future accounts properly linked to the game as players log in and log out. We urge everyone who already has an account to use /link the next time they're on the server to link their accounts. Please let your fellow community members know so we can tell who is who on the...

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