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Constant Questions

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Constant Questions

To those that are constantly fishing for details whenever we are working on anything, and especially with this new update:

Instead of insisting that Rene, or any member of staff, tell you everything right away when you demand it, why not wait until things are actually decided and announced, and try reading both discord and the forums for the updates we provide.
Any information provided by announcements that we post will be much more reliable than any information that you force out of Rene by annoying him until he gives in. It is a nuisance and is bordering on harassment when you ask to the point where it becomes impossible to achieve anything until you shut up.
We will occasionally provide false information to those that are too impatient to wait like the rest. If we do not provide the information in announcements at any point, then chances are that we wanted it to be a surprise. You constantly asking until your...

Survival Demo for 1.14.4!

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Survival Demo for 1.14.4!

I'm pleased to announce the opening for Survival 1.14.3 (Public Test Server). Right now only players with the Alpha rank and higher have early access to this server while it is being fully tested and prepared for a full release. We consider this an alpha release of the server and is separate from the main Survival server. If you have a donor rank and aren't able to connect, let an Admin know. Please remember this is intended to find bugs and there will be a lot of changes and a LOT more sudden reboots when trying to fix bugs. I cannot stress this enough: don't get upset if your progress in the demo server isn't saved or gets corrupted. Please report every bug you find and do not get upset if features are broken.

We are previewing an enormous new spawn-town, named Athens (to give a Greek theme.) It has about 35 shops of all sizes: stalls, buildings, and shacks. With this update, we have the brand new Vampire/Werewolf...

The New Director

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The New Director
Hi, I'm Vinpin21 (many of the older and some of the new players may know me was Santa). I have been appointed the servers Community Director. Now, what does a Community Director do I hear you asking? Well the Community Director is in charge of listening to the community and giving feedback / creating changes to the server to reflect what the community wants. Roles like Manager will handle and control the staff / enforce the rules while the Community Director will focus on content related things such as player suggestions for balancing, content ideas, and new builds. If you feel like you want to discuss any ideas with me DM me and talk with me about them and I'll make sure they get considered to be added to the server. Popular ideas will have a better chance at making it so make sure you give me your opinion. As a warning I do not have anything to do with punishments and therefore cannot and will not handle punishments or...

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