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Welcome Back To Eden

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Welcome Back To Eden


Old players remember when we first unveiled the dimension but it was shut down after the world generator broke after 1.13.2 came out. We're announcing that we've finally managed to get the generator working and Eden is fully functional once again! However, we have some new content and a new roadmap for how we're going to release Eden content from here out. We hope you enjoy the return of Eden and for newer players, be prepared to bring you toughest armor and weapons. Eden is genuinely a difficult dimension.

In order to access to the Eden dimension, you need to have earned your way to become a Monarch or higher. Once you obtain it, you can RTP into Eden via the Captain NPC or by typing /rtp.

The Eden dimension is the same as before, except there are new cave...

Minecraft Rules

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Minecraft Rules Explained

Remember that joining the New Heaven Minecraft Network means you agree to abide by these rules. Not reading these rules in detail does not excuse you from the consequences of breaking any of these rules for any reason. Staff members do not seek to punish players for no reason. They are there to ensure that everyone has a good environment to play the game. These rules are subject to change at any time so remember to regularly check back to this page. If you see a player break any of these rules while a staff member is not online, you are expected to report it on the forums or Discord server so it can be properly handled. If you do not report incidents we will be unable to fix them.

If you feel like you've been unjustly punished or you wish to get a second chance to return to the community, feel free to submit an appeal at the Appeal Section of the...

Halloween mcMMO XP Event!

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Halloween mcMMO XP Event!
For the Halloween season, we're running our very first mcMMO XP event. From now until November 1st, all XP rates for mcMMO is doubled. Try to grind before the event is over. If you like these kinds of events, let me know!

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