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New Heaven

Looking For Upcoming Talent Ideas

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Looking For Upcoming Talent Ideas
As some of you are aware, I am currently working on a new mechanic to the HeavenRaces plugin that will make each race feel unique to each player's experience. Currently, there are only a few talents for each race, and we are looking for some new ideas. We want to span the talents over several hundred levels so there's enough content for a long time, and if we get more ideas in the future, we will add those too for higher levels. We ask you also include the name of the talent, the level to acquire said talent, for what race it is for, and a detailed description for it. Let us know in this thread.

New Event - Invisible Maze

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New Event - Invisible Maze
That's right there is a new event coming up! Next Friday 9am Server Time there will be an event taking place on New-Heaven!
On the 12 June, we will be opening our newest event, the Invisible Maze!

Warning: This maze is not designed to be easy. It will take time to complete. Do not rage at any of the staff if you find the maze to be too difficult.

The maze can be accessed in the brand new Event server. You can get to the event server by typing “/event” while in the hub. The Event server will be opening just before the maze.

The maze itself is invisible and is designed this way to limit cheating. Any cheating to make the maze visible will disqualify you. All maps, resource packs, and shaders must be turned off/disabled while in the maze.

Now that you are in the maze with everything disabled there are a few things to know.
There are five levels to the maze. You start at level 1.
To get to the lower levels, you need...

Brewery Drunk Text

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Drunk Chat

As brewery is pretty popular and quite a lot of you guys appear to love being drunk, it has now become quite an issue with the chat. We ask that everyone keeps all drunk chat in either the server or local channels. You can access these using /s and /l and you can use /g to return to global once you are sober.

Due to the fact that the plugin warps your text to be almost unreadable, it is considered spam if you are typing in global, as it is unfair to fill up the chat for people in creative or kitpvp.

If people can not respect this, then I will remove the drunk chat altogether.

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