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Network Remake - New Heaven 2.0 Incoming

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Network Remake - New Heaven 2.0 Incoming

Due to extremely complicated circumstances, the server machine is being shut down for good under our current host. We’re currently preparing our new machine with a more secure host.

Our server machine has been flagged on a protection network, so our host is accusing us of abuse. It turns out that we most likely were infected with a virus in the machine in order to run these kinds of operations. The host is only giving us 24 hours to resolve this without any proper support. We were planning on migrating hosts due to the recent DDOS attacks against us anyway, so we’re going to progress that earlier.

Because we don’t know where or how the virus works, it could be hidden within our server directories. Some of our files were also corrupted during the backup sequence as well. This means we will have to recreate the entire network from scratch with brand new data. Our current data is corrupted as well as...

Survival Is Now Official 1.15.1 - New Community Event

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Survival Is Now Official 1.15.1 - New Community Event
First off, we are happy to announce that Survival is now officially 1.15.1, so now you can chase bees to your heart's content. We've also added ProtocolSupport to allow 1.14.4 to continue joining Survival until Optifine is fully released for 1.15. Almost everything is working as normal, minus the Eden world and mobs. Sadly, we're going to have to wait until a more stable build is released. We've also removed artificial mob limits and modified it so the mob limit scales with the number of players online. This should make the server smoother and save resources when not many players are online.

There is also a new event brought to you by Vinpin. It's an in-game community fundraiser in which you donate Rubees into the community pot and when the event ends, it is evenly distributed to everyone who contributed. The top 5 players will get a reward from the donation shop based on your...

Christmas Sale - 25% Off Everything

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Christmas Sale - 25% Off Everything

This year's Christmas Sale starts now until the 4th of January. Everything will be 25% off, so if you're looking to upgrade your rank, don't miss this opportunity. There will also be a new announce over this year's Christmas Event soon so stay tuned for that.

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I am so happy I only have two hours left at work, today has been insane. For those aware of how OGP works at Walmart when I came in at nine we had 5200+ picks, and as of now we are at 500ish. Like YUSSS T^T
if you see this try to share it with zelus or other staff and tell them sleepysloo already posted a mute appeal
The fact that the topic of adding the Merpeople race is a thing is amazing
If it works out think of all the different races that could be created for the game as long as we all have the imaginations to create them as a community
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