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NH Discord Rules Explained

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Discord Rules Explained

Using the New Heaven discord will be considered your acceptance of these rules.
A lot of this is common sense but is still included because unfortunately its not as common as it should be.
If a staff member tells you not to do something, then you must listen to them. You can not argue that you're allowed to do something because it is not explicitly stated

If you believe that you have been unfairly punished, you can make an appeal in the appropriate section on the forums.

These rules are to be applied for both text channels and voice channels.

Do not disrespect, harass, or cause drama for any reason.
Everyone deserves to be treated with respect. If you can't be nice, don't say anything.
Harassment of any kind is illegal and will not be tolerated on this server.
Negatively provoking others in order to get a response is considered to be...

Updated Rules

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Updated Rules

After recent events on the server, we have reviewed the rules and updated some of them. The way we react to some situations will also be changing.
The new rules can be found here.
Some of the changes are only minor, but these are some of the more major changes.
These new descriptions/rules will be used as of 11:59pm Friday the 11th of October, server time. The time can be seen by pressing TAB while in-game.

Advertising, like many other servers, is not and has never been allowed. While sending an IP to another player is advertising, it's not the only way. If you discuss another server with someone and you intend to get them to go there, that is advertising.
Any attempt at getting players to go to another server is advertising, even if you never actually say the IP on the server.

Staff will no longer be getting involved in PVP...

MCMMO Changes

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MCMMO Changes

For 1.14, the original owner of MCMMO returned to the plugin and they did a major overhaul. They changed quite a few of the features and added things such as more settings in the files (that wasn't all but I'm not listing everything).
Even before we made any changes to it, it had already been altered a lot so it was very different from how it was before our reset to 1.14.
I have spent the past few weeks going through everything, learning how the plugin works. I did this so that I could return some of it to the way it was before. However, there are some things that were better left as is, meaning that you will notice some changes. I do apologize for how long it took to make these changes.

A major part of what I adjusted is the level scaling. In their overhaul, they changed the default scaling to 1-100. Before the overhaul it had been 1-1000. This change meant that people were able to easily max out a lot of skills using vote...

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