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Supernatural Overhaul

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Supernatural Overhaul

Due to the huge impact these changes are going to have for the gameplay of Survival, I've decided to lay out the changes on an announcement. These changes aim to make werewolves more viable and remove the stresses of being a vampire. We aren't altering anything to do with humans and hunters, though.


  • Offensive and defensive stats no longer are dynamic based on level. All werewolves have maxed stats as soon as they are infected.
  • The transformation level requirement is now 30 instead of 25.​
  • At level 25, werewolves will get level 1 versions of beneficial buffs in human form depending on which clan you are in.​
  • Full moons now level up to 5 levels while you are outside instead of 2.5.​

  • Level loss is now removed from the game.
  • Vampire ranks are now purely cosmetic so the...

Economy Update (v. 2.0.1)

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Economy Update (v. 2.0.1)

We're starting with version number 2.0.1 in this update due to the fact our economy has changed drastically since 1.14.4. So the previous changes are considered to be part of 2.0, this is now 2.0.1. To read these patch notes effectively, they are set up with the buy price first, and the sell price second, and finally given a reason for the change.

Buy Price / Sell Price -> New Buy Price / New Sell Price
Reason for Change

The overall purpose of the economic changes is to raise the viability of foods and craftable items that require extra steps in order to sell. Currently, both the Mining and Farming meta-games consist of getting as many raw materials as fast as you can and sell them in bulk. We also included a couple of items that need more farms that require more effort to set up properly.


Pumpkin Pie:
9 / 3 -> 9 / 5...

Welcome Back To Eden

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Welcome Back To Eden

Old players remember when we first unveiled the dimension but it was shut down after the world generator broke after 1.13.2 came out. We're announcing that we've finally managed to get the generator working and Eden is fully functional once again! However, we have some new content and a new roadmap for how we're going to release Eden content from here out. We hope you enjoy the return of Eden and for newer players, be prepared to bring you toughest armor and weapons. Eden is genuinely a difficult dimension.

In order to access to the Eden dimension, you need to have earned your way to become a Monarch or higher. Once you obtain it, you can RTP into Eden via the Captain NPC or by typing /rtp.

The Eden dimension is the same as before, except there are new cave...

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