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Humans & Hunters Update

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Humans & Hunters Update
Today is the release of the Humans & Hunters update we promised a while back. It comes with brand new talents for Humans that can specialize between Vampire, Werewolf, and Merfolk hunting. There are three new swords made, each of which specializes in a race, along with some quality of life stuff. Below you will find the recipes for the swords.

Wooden Stake

Silver Sword

Scaler Sword

There are also new ways to earn RXP. The passive speed has been reduced so the amount of RXP earned actively matches out. Each race can kill a list of mobs in order to earn more RXP. Below are the lists of mobs per race type:

  • Zombies​

1.16.2 Update - Read Thoroughly!

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1.16.2 Update - Read Thoroughly!

It’s finally here! The update for 1.16.2, Merfolk, and talents is finally ready for the public. Please keep in mind that the changes for the update were so vast that we couldn’t just update it on the current map. Read through this post fully to get more information on that. The update will be out on Monday, August 24th at 12:00 PM EST.

Survival & Legacy Servers
The new server with all the updates will take the place of the current Survival server and the old server will be renamed to Legacy. The Legacy server will be preserved for as long as the community wants since there is no need to get rid of it. We have enough space to have both servers up since we have prepared for a case where we might need more space. To access the Legacy server simply type /legacy.

Major Changes
  • Infections are no longer instant. They use the method from the original Vampire...

Looking For Upcoming Talent Ideas

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Looking For Upcoming Talent Ideas
As some of you are aware, I am currently working on a new mechanic to the HeavenRaces plugin that will make each race feel unique to each player's experience. Currently, there are only a few talents for each race, and we are looking for some new ideas. We want to span the talents over several hundred levels so there's enough content for a long time, and if we get more ideas in the future, we will add those too for higher levels. We ask you also include the name of the talent, the level to acquire said talent, for what race it is for, and a detailed description for it. Let us know in this thread.

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