New Heaven Guide to Vampires

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    New Heaven Guide to Vampires
    The sun has set, the dark has come. Monsters and beasts are out in force.
    An infectious disease is spreading. Altars of Light and bottles of Holy Water are the only cures. Fighting it isn’t the only option, you may choose to embrace the disease. But do you want to?

    The Dark Disease
    The Disease has been given a name. The Dark Disease. Sounds exaggerated unless you know what comes after it. Once infected, you become more and more sick, until you are no longer yourself. You become a vampire. Three days is all you have left as a human to either embrace the disease or find the cure. Death is not an escape.
    Vampires may infect you, either accidentally or on purpose through combat. There may be some who choose to seek out the disease for a chance at ‘immortality’. Those who seek the Disease must find an Altar of Darkness or ingest the blood of a vampire. Beware to those who wish to be infected: lapis will be your antidote.
    If you are infected with The Dark Disease, you can check how far along the disease has advanced by using /v show or /v s

    The Altars
    There are two types of Altars. One of Darkness and one of Light. One to cure and one to taint.
    Anyone may create an altar using the correct combination of blocks. To use the Altars, you must right-click the main block.

    Altar of Darkness
    This is just an example. Your altar can have a different design.

    For those who wish to embrace The Dark Disease, you may choose to use an Altar. To create an Altar of Darkness, you must use a Redstone Block surrounded by (within 10 blocks):
    • 2 Diamond Blocks
    • 30 Obsidian
    • 5 Webs
    • 5 Dead bushes
    You must pay a price to become infected:
    • 1 Mushroom Soup
    • 10 Bones
    • 10 Sulphur, or otherwise known as Gunpowder
    • 10 Redstone
    Be sure you wish for the Disease before you worship at the Altar of Darkness.

    Altar of Light
    This is just an example. Your altar can have a different design.

    The ones who desire freedom from the disease or the infection called Vampirism that it creates must use an Altar of Light to cure themselves. To create an Altar of Light, you must use a Lapis Block surrounded by (within 10 blocks):
    • 2 Diamond Blocks
    • 30 Glowstone
    • 5 Poppies
    • 5 Dandelions (Yellow Flower)
    To cure The Dark Disease is free, but you must pay a price to be cured of Vampirism:
    • 1 Diamond
    • 1 Bucket of Water
    • 20 Sugar
    • 20 Wheat
    Be sure you wish to be cured before you meditate at the Altar of Light as you must go through the disease again if you wish to change your mind and become a vampire again.
    Humans may use an Altar of Light to create bottles of Holy Water.

    After The Dark Disease has finished, you will become a vampire. Vampires have many pros and cons that should be considered before you decide if you wish to embrace the curse or cure yourself.

    • Sunlight damages vampires, or in extreme cases, kills them.
    • Cannot build in daylight because a vampire will go blind and burn
    • Wood and Holy Water are their enemies best weapons
    • Cannot eat normal food. Must consume blood
    • Constantly jumping higher than humans
    • Bloodlust consumes your blood at a fast rate
    • With night vision it is easy to not notice the change in light signifying the rising sun
    • Regenerate quickly but use blood to do so
    • Have an ongoing truce with the monsters of the worlds
    • Regenerate quickly but use blood to do so
    • Vampires do not suffer from fall damage, suffocation or drowning
    • Blood Bar stays the same unless used to heal or used in bloodlust
    • They infect others through combat or donating blood
    • Jump Boost 2 allows them to jump higher than humans
    • Near infinite running, unless you lose blood
    • Bottled Blood!

    The Sun
    Beware the sun. It burns! The sun is the best defence against vampires. Sunlight damages vampires, or if they remain in the sun, kills them. When standing in the sun, a vampire's body temperature will increase at a fast rate until they burn to death. Vampires suffer severe effects while in the sun, from feeling sick to becoming weaker and slower, being blind and then burning. This prevents them from spending any time in the sun.

    A vampire may check their temperature by using /v show.
    Temperature Effects
    20% Nausea 2
    30% Nausea 2, Weakness 2
    50% Nausea 2, Weakness 2, Slowness 2
    80% Nausea 2, Weakness 2, Slowness 2, Blindness 2
    90% Nausea 2, Weakness 2, Slowness 2, Blindness 2, Burn

    Although vampires burn in the sun, they may still be seen darting from one spot of shade to another. The rain protects the vampires from burning and allows them to stay outside, even if the sun has not set.
    While there is no way to stop a vampire from experiencing the sun's effects, they may prolong their suffering by wearing armor.

    Vampire’s irradiation can be seen at the bottom of the information in /v show
    Irradiation is calculated using this formula: Irradiation.png
    When undercover, and cooling down, their irradiation will be at -20.

    The ‘Sun’ is calculated as a value between 0 and 100. The value of the sun depends on the time of day as well as if it is raining.
    The ‘Terrain’ is calculated as a value between 0 and 1. This value is found by looking at the type of blocks above the vampire, all the way into the sky. For the purpose of calculating irradiation, we pretend that the sun is always directly above the player. Solids blocks will stop the sun. While transparent blocks, such as leaves, require multiple of them to block the sun.
    Armor is calculated as a value between 0 and 0.4. Each armor piece, regardless of the type, grants 0.125.Meaning the max value while wearing full armor is 0.5.

    Night Vision
    Vampires have exceptional sight, especially at night. Being able to see in the dark is a huge advantage for them. The do not require torches or any source of light.
    Night Vision can be toggled using /v nv
    As a vampire does not require any light sources, their homes often end up dark, allowing other monsters to appear. With their truce, they can work together to keep out unwanted visitors.

    As the sun goes down, the humans all reach for their stakes. Against a vampire, a stake is the most effective weapon. There are many items that can be used as a stake, so humans may never be too far from them in the case of an attack.
    All of these items are considered wooden stakes:
    • Stick
    • Wooden Sword
    • Wooden Axe
    • Wooden Pickaxe
    • Wooden Spade
    • Wooden Hoe
    • Sign
    • Torch
    • Redstone Torch
    • Fence
    • Fence Gate

    Holy Water
    Holy water, it’s like throwing acid on a human, you know. Just less painful to the innocent bystanders who get splashed.
    A human may create a bottle of Holy Water using 1 water bottle and 1 lapis lazuli dye on an Altar of Light. Holy Water is a splash potion, making it easier to throw it onto vampires.
    Holy Water will cure anyone infected with The Dark Disease. It will not cure a full vampire. Two bottles of Holy Water are enough to incapacitate a vampire as it sets them on fire and makes them blind. Using a stake on a vampire that has been drenched in Holy Water will finish them off.
    A vampires only hope once doused in Holy Water is to flee.

    To a vampire, blood has many uses and is very important to their survival. The blood that vampires require comes from the ‘Hunger Bar’ which is referred to as the ‘Blood Bar’ for vampires. The most blood that you can have at any time is a total of 20 pints of blood.
    Blood Bar.png

    Blood Transfer
    Anyone can offer blood using /v offer or /v o and anyone can accept blood using /v accept or /v a.
    A Human might use this method to feed a vampire. These kinds of Humans are known as Blood Slaves.
    A vampire might use this method of transferring blood to infect humans with The Dark Disease. The chance of being infected from accepting blood depends on the amount offered. The more blood offered, the higher the chance of infection.
    If you wish to keep your blood transfers secret, it is advised that you avoid public places, as drinking blood is visible to those who are nearby.

    Bottle of Blood
    Anyone not willing to do a direct blood transfer can create a Bottle of Blood. This can be done by using /v flask (amount of blood).
    There are two types of Blood Bottles. Vampiric and Human. The bottle will tell you which type of blood it contains when you read the description.

    Bloodlust is a vampire’s main advantage over the other races. During bloodlust, they deal an increased amount of damage, added to their already incredible strength. They can run faster and jump even higher than they are usually able to. Vampires emit a smoke trail while moving when using Bloodlust, making it easier for others to identify them. A vampire can turn their bloodlust on using /v bloodlust or /v b.

    A vampire may only use bloodlust if they are not hungering for blood. While in Bloodlust, a vampires Blood Bar will decrease. If their Blood Bar level drops too low, they will be unable to use Bloodlust.

    Vampires have access to a range of new commands.
    To open the help menu that shows a list of available commands:
    • /v ?
    • /v help
    • /v h
    Shows information about yourself:
    • /v show
    Use intent to increase chances of infecting others:
    • /v intend
    • /v i
    See in the dark:
    • /v nightvision
    • /v nv
    Offer and accept blood:
    • /v offer [playername] [amount of blood]
    • /v o [playername] [amount of blood]
    • /v accept
    • /v a
    Let out a Vampiric Shriek:
    • /v shriek
    Activates bloodlust:
    • /v bloodlust
    • /v b
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