War in Survival

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    What is The War?
    The war is just when groups of people attack each other in the game, usually based on race. No game elements have been changed, it's just more likely that death will occur with the new Human, claim and Werewolf updates.

    What "updates"?
    Humans now have a supernatural tracker they can use in which they can see the nearest Vampire (if it's night) and the nearest Werewolf (if they're transformed). Werewolves have the /ww track command where they can sniff a player by hitting them and they get a particle effect towards them.

    Hunting (werewolf and human) plugin updates: http://new-heaven.us/hunting/

    As PVP is forced on if you step into a claim that you're not trusted on, it will encourage more fighting on the server. The new Human and Werewolf tracking systems also encourage this. No game elements have or will be changed for the war.​

    What should I do if I don't want to participate?
    We advise that you start defending your home with iron doors, fences and magma blocks due to the PVP automatically being enabled and soft blocks (such as wooden doors, wooden trapdoors, etc) being able to open to players who aren't trusted. Keep your /pvp disabled if you're Monarch or above as it limits your chance of being attacked. Only accepting /tpa requests from people you trust also prevents you getting 'sniffed' or being killed. Trading at spawn where you can't be hurt is a good idea, too.
    The following items/mobs can be interacted with by any untrusted player:
    -Any type of pressure plate (iron, wood, etc)
    -Wooden buttons (they can be triggered by arrows but not a fist)
    -Wooden doors (dark wood door, oak wood door, spruce wood door, etc)
    -Hostile mobs (creepers, zombies, etc)

    When will the War start?
    The 'war' has started as these updates already have been implemented. Feel free to ask any questions about it below or in-game to a Helper!

    This war post has mainly been written clearing up rumours there's been going around the server. The staff team advise that you question rumours and talk to staff about them if you're not certain about their sources. Thanks a lot for reading!
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Discussion in 'Updates' started by StegoKat, May 20, 2017.

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